IT Jobs without programming – top 5

Nowadays technology has changed our lives. If you want to know some IT Jobs without programming keep reading!


A copywriter creates text for the purpose of marketing products, services, posts on a blog page, product descriptions, marketing emails, social media posts, and everything around communicating an idea. This job can also include creating scenarios and tactics for communication strategies.  If you enjoy playing with words and creating memorable slogans, then this is the job for you. 

One of the most critical skills is, of course, writing texts. It isn’t about writing just any text, but being able to create coherent text which has one main goal: to bring people to your page, content, product, or service.  Another typical skill set for this job is market research to see your competitors and then create your adaptation. Teachable offers a wide of courses for copywriters that will help you out to become on of them.

If you want to be a great copywriter, we can recommend to use Grammarly as your grammar checker. Also, the convenience of using a Microsoft Office 365 package is really good. You can use all the programs in the 365 office on all your devices along with cloud storing of your documents.

Video editing

Video editing is one of the essential parts of today’s online world. If you have the knowledge of video editing, it is effortless to find a job that suits you well. Canva is a good example where you can edit content for social networks for other people or yourself, or create promotional videos for companies or your own products/services. Many people no longer want to just read to absorb content. Images and text are gradually decreasing their potential, and video is now almost everywhere. 

If you are into video editing, we recommend using Adobe Creative Cloud, as you have all programs you would need in one package. Inside, you can find Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing, Adobe Photoshop for thumbnails or photo editing along with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for quick edits of your photos. If you are into Graphic Design, you can also find there Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Spark for you e-mail edits.

Ad campaign management and social networks management

If you would like to work online, but you don’t want to spend your time closed in some office or home, you can focus on managing social networks. Social networks are now one of the most critical parts of any company or business, and they all need to have their accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. It is the best way for a company to get visible and make a name for themselves, and they need someone to take care of it. 

However, it is not only about social media. A key element of this job can also be managing ad campaigns, which are an essential part of marketing strategy. With Voluum you will be able to prepare data analysis, market research, and research competition.

You can also use programs such as Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics,Google keywords planner, LinkedIn business manager, and many more. If you are interested in learning how these programs work and how to use them to their full potential, we recommend a list of online courses which will help you know the programs like a pro and get yourself a good payout at companies. 

Email marketing

This is one of the most critical marketing jobs in today’s world for communication with potential customers. Just look in your email folder, and you’ll find plenty of propagation emails. Most companies have a form for registration to subscribe to their newsletter or after you buy a product from them. After registration, you get some bonus in the form of a newsletter that is regularly sent to your email address. 

If you are interested in creating content, this job is right for you. For the creation of promoted emails, you have a good number of programs that can do the job for you, and they are created for this particular situation. After you start using one of them, you create templates used for various occasions on which emails are sent. Then simply set the time and date when you want the email to be sent, and everything can be automated so you check from time to time if everything works well. The most significant advantage is that you don’t need to know graphic design, because these programs have visual editing incorporated into them.  

If you want to be serious with email marketing, you need to use tools to help you. Our recommendation is Aweber as the ultimate software to manage your email subscriptions and the overall design of the emails you send. Have everything in one place with MailChimp and you can use less tools to help you.

SEO Specialist

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist is focused on creating a website that is easily visible during a Google search. Visibility of the website is an essential part of a growing website, excluding paid promotion of a website.

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