At the very beginning, it’s key to choose the right tools that can provide you with the necessary value in order to grow your business. While it all depends on the type of business you are starting, here are a few examples of the best apps small businesses can use when trying to get off the ground.

PAYMENT APPS – A must for small business owners

While it depends on the country you operate in, Melio is an example of a tool that helps you stay on top of your payments for vendors and contractors.

Another well-known software in the field is Square equipped with analytics, customer support, the ability to handle multiple forms of payments. 


For managing your cash flow, explore Quickbooks a smart and simple accounting tool especially focused on helping small businesses.

For a totally free alternative, Wave would be your best shot on best app for small business owners.

MANAGEMENT APPS – Really usefull apps for small business owners

Connecteam,  is an all-in-one employee management platform where you can communicate with your employee, monitor their working hours, schedule tasks and meetings and train your team.

For comparison, check out Chanty which is another team management tool for improved collaboration, focus and connectedness among your team member. It even has a work-life balance calculator.


Monday, is another app for small business where you can create an overview of what is going on within your team and how far your projects have advanced.

Similarly, Trello is another widely useful app for small business not only by small companies but also by teams in large organizations.

We hope these examples help you out to find the right one.The choice is up to you, but with any of these, you won’t make a mistake.

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