Yes, this is a completely different lifestyle with no limits and no borders. When you buy the right boat you can go anywhere around the world with your home. Imagine yourself cruising with your home and transporting all your living with you to any location around the world by the sea. Well, you can do it and it is kind of easy. The only thing is more money you have, more luxury sailing home you can buy. Yes, you can do it on a low budget but your comfort and living space will be tiny. So what is the best boat for living aboard? Here you have one from each category.

Luxury Sailing Catamaran – Best Boat for Living Aboard

Sunreef 50 is really the best boat for living aboard when you are rich. Catamaran Sunreef 50 is spacious and luxurious. You can easily have 10 quests on this catamaran and you won’t feel the boat is crowded. This cat is easy to sail and even if it is a big boat two people are able to sail and dock Sureef 50 without any stress.

Family Catamaran Bali 4.2

Bali catamarans are part of the Catana group – luxury sailing catamarans. The build quality is higher than standards and sailing with Bali catamaran is a real pleasure. It is fast enough and the cat sails upwind nicely. There is enough space for a family of four. When another family would like to join your journey, it is still possible because of the roomy saloon and the perfect deck of this cat.

Best Monohul Sailing Boat for Living Aboard for a Couple

Garcia 52 Exploration is the perfect well-built sailing boat for those who want to sail around the world safely and with no worries. The aluminum hull and interior layout are constructed just for bluewater sailing. Garcia 52 Exploration could be equipped with all the self-sufficient features that you need to become independent.

Liveable boat on a budget

Sirius 35 DS is built for bluewater sailing. This sailing yacht is spacious enough, it has all you need but it is a smaller boat. It does not mean that it is a bad choice. As I have already mentioned, more money gives you more space. When you go for Sirius 35 DS you will be amazed at how good is this sailing boat.

Best Bluewater Catamaran to Sail The Globe

If you want real adventure and you like to sail around the globe Garcia Explocat 52 catamaran is the best option for you. It is the best catamaran boat for living aboard and sail around the world. This sailing cat is built from aluminum and offers maximum safety for the crew. You can sail around the North Pole without any worries about sinking your boat.

Best boat for living abroad – final decision

I hope you can find your option for living on a sailing yacht. Remember that sailing is not about money, it is about mindset. Sometimes you have to make a compromise when you want to reach and live your dream life.

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