If you have a blog or you’re planning to create one, you should create good content to be able to engage your audience. However, sometimes it’s difficult to handle creating many things at a time. That’s why today we’ve decided to make an article about how to buy content for blogs.

Copywriting for blogs

One of the basic things for blogs even depending on what your blog is made for or the topics you want to talk about you are going to need some copywriting.

The rise of the internet, web positioning SEO and achieving enough passive income not to worry in a season, have opened a new market for writers, proofreaders and creators of web content. Buying good content for your blog is not as difficult when the platforms give us the opportunity to choose from a wide of professionals.

There are many platforms where you can find them, but we recommend Fiverr as it has a wide catalogue of copywriters.

Buy Media for your Blog

Having a blog with good pictures is a must, we live in a world where everyone has endless access to a camera and pictures are constantly being taken. But does that mean we appreciate pictures anymore? Are we doing pictures right? Buying content for your blog is easier than you thought.

Adobe Stock is a platform that includes stock pictures, videos, vector and illustrations, templates and even music and audio. It is such a diverse market online where you can add new assets daily, giving you access to a range of content. The Adobe Stock library allows you to download as many pictures as you like and puts you in contact with users and potential buyers around the world.

Once you subscribe, you will see the number of available licenses included in your account per month,there are different packs for buying as many pictures or videos as you like!

Canva is also another great app that allows you to design your logos, illustrations…etc. Plus it has an open catalogue of media that has the perfect sizes for your work. The price of the subscription is around 20€ which is very cheap for what it actually offers.

Buy Music for your Blog

If you’re making some videos for your blog, then you should definitely have access to a music library.

Shutterstock is another platform that has been in the market for more than 16 years and allows people from everywhere around the globe to buy videos, music and more (for free). 

It has an extended library of different genres of music, from Corporate Music for videos to Jazz,Pop , etc.. It also has a blog where you can explore some of the articles about music and get in touch with other people from around the world.

Finding good podcast online

In 2020 over 155 million people listen to a podcast every week. That quite a lot, right? That’s why we consider it important to keep the idea of having a podcast in your blog, just in case someone wants to listen to your content or give them the opportunity to have that experience.

In terms of buying content for blogs, Blubrry is one of the best platforms for hosting and we explain why in this article. Apart from being able to publish your podcast in different platforms for it, there is also a Blubrry library where you can find thousands of podcasts for some inspiration and it has many different categories such as Arts, Bussiness, History, Kids&Family, Lifestyle, Religion…etc

So you will be able to find good content for a little amount of money and share it with your audience.

Fiverr also has the category for music & audio and there are plenty of professionals that are able to record the content you share with them.

We hope we helped with this article so you have an idea of what kind of content to buy for your blog and we will love to see it!

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