Get TikTok Unblocked: Tips for Posting Videos on all Social Media

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Get tiktok unblocked to increase visibility. Let’s face it: creating content for social media can be challenging. With countless daily videos posted on platforms like Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok, competing with million-dollar productions can be daunting. But don’t worry—there are plenty of ways to make your videos stand out from the crowd.

Today, I want to share my favorite ideation tips for content creators everywhere. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced content creator looking for fresh new ideas, these tips will help you take your video posts to the next level. So grab your phone or camera, and let’s dive into some creative processes to help you create amazing videos!


Understanding the Different Social Media Video Formats

Are you ready to start creating content for social media? The first step is to get to know the landscape—specifically, the types of videos you can make for each platform.

For example, TikTok videos used to be limited to 15-second clips, but now you can post up to 60 seconds. Instagram lets you post stories and reels up to a minute long and offers IGTV (Instagram TV) for creating longer videos of up to one hour in length. YouTube Shorts have a maximum time limit of 15 seconds, but they don’t have ads yet, and they take advantage of YouTube’s AI-powered editing tools.

You need to understand the different formats, as this will influence your creative strategy and help you decide what type of content your target audience wants to see on each platform. Don’t forget that the look and feel can also change depending on the format—stylistically, 60 seconds videos need a lot of work if you want them to look good!

Now that you know what platforms you can post on, it’s time to get creative! To start, I recommend deep diving into each platform’s trends. For example, on TikTok and Instagram, research the types of videos that people are responding to—maybe there’s an audio track people are using or a transition effect they love. Remember to stay true to yourself and be authentic in your content, but don’t be afraid to explore the boundaries of each trend.

On YouTube Shorts, research what topics people are talking about and how they’re talking about them. For example, are people praising certain products or giving reviews? Do they have any questions that need answering? Then, you can use this information to inspire your content and create videos around topics people are already engaging with.

I often look at other creators for ideas as well. Follow social media influencers on each platform, watch how they pull off different shots and angles and jot down ideas you can incorporate into your content. That way, you’re always ahead of the game when posting videos on social media!

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What Are the Best Apps to Edit Videos on a Phone?

Nowadays, you don’t need to be a technical expert to know how to edit videos on mobile. Some great apps make editing video on the phone easy and even fun. Some of the most popular apps for basic video editing on mobile include:


InShot is an app designed for making and editing videos for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and more. You can easily create short videos with your photos and videos, along with text, music, clipart, background effects, and more. It’s the perfect tool for quickly creating esthetically pleasing content for social media.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is well known for its desktop version of video editing software, but it also has a great mobile app with all the features you need to get creative with your footage. You can take any clip from your camera roll, add filters or effects, trim or rotate clips and even add audio tracks or voiceovers. It’s great for creating professional-looking video content without leaving your phone!


Quik by GoPro is another popular app that lets you quickly select photos and clips from your gallery, add transitions and music from Quik’s library of music tracks, and voiceovers or soundtracks from your device. You can even adjust frame speed to give some extra effect to clips, making it great for creating smooth Instagram Stories-style content.


Tips for Quickly Posting Videos on TikTok

Creating content for TikTok is all about inspiration and quick ideas, but don’t let the pressure of coming up with something creative overwhelm you. With the right tips, you can quickly post videos on TikTok. Here are a few to keep in mind:

Know Your Audience

It’s important to know who your audience is and what kind of content they’re likely to appreciate. In addition, it’s vital to ensure your videos fit into the app’s context and are tailored for viewing on mobile devices.

Keep Things Simple

Don’t try to overcomplicate things with special effects or challenging camera moves. Instead, keep it simple—stick to basic features that can easily be achieved without complex equipment or editing applications.

Experiment With Different Formats

It’s good practice to try different video formats when posting on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, etc. Experiment with video length, thumbnail images, and Story formats. Try posting different types of videos, such as time lapses, interviews, reaction videos, or even behind-the-scenes footage!

As long as you keep these tips in mind when posting videos on social media channels like TikTok and YouTube Shorts, you’ll be able to create compelling content quickly!

How to Edit Duration of Photos for TikTok?

I have recently discovered an excellent method for creating shorter videos for TikTok: cropping and editing the duration of photos. This works well if you need more time to record and edit a video or you’re just looking for an easy way to get creative with your video content.

This straightforward process usually only requires two apps: your phone’s camera and a photo editing app. Here’s what to do:

  1. Take a picture on your phone’s camera app.
  2. Use a photo-editing app to crop and edit the image however you want— adjusting contrast, saturation, brightness, etc.— to make it look the best it possibly can.
  3. Choose the duration of your video (such as three seconds or six seconds) by dragging the slider in the bottom corner of the screen in the editing app.
  4. Save your video and post it on TikTok!

It’s as easy as that! Cropping and editing photos can help give you creative ideas when posting videos on TikTok, perfectly sized for their 15-second maximum length.


Increasing the Speed of a Clip for Instagram Reels

If you’re looking to take your video content up a notch, consider increasing the speed of a clip. I’ve experimented with this, and it can be enjoyable to watch! You can quickly speed up clips using Instagram’s built-in editing features or the various apps available for mobile.

Editing on Instagram

When using Instagram’s in-app editor, you have some control over the speed of your clip and several other options, such as trimming, adding music, and more. To speed up your clip on Instagram’s edit page:

  1. Select the “Speed” option in the left-hand menu
  2. Adjust the speed slider to select from 0.3x slow motion to 3x faster motion
  3. Confirm your changes by selecting the checkmark in the bottom right corner

Apps for Mobile Editing

You can also try mobile editing apps designed specifically for faster clip creation and editing of videos for social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. They offer more options than what is available through Instagram’s app, such as changing playback speeds, adding sound effects or music, cropping, and more. Here are some apps that are great options:

  1. Quik
  2. FilmoraGo
  3. Splice

How to post on Youtube Shorts

When posting on Youtube Shorts, you want to be creative and add something new to the platform. To do this, start with a brainstorming session that covers the goals for your videos and how you want them to be received.

When creating content for Youtube Shorts, it’s essential to consider the platform’s format. You only have 15 seconds to convey your message — think of it as a fun, creative challenge! Stay within that limit and think about how to make the most of your 15 seconds. Here are a few tips:

Choose an Engaging Story

Choose an engaging story and stick with it throughout your video. Stay focused on one point that viewers will remember.

Use Short Clips

Ensure your clips are short enough to fit in 15 seconds while still allowing time for transitions — usually, no more than 10-15 clips total should do the trick!

Add Visual Effects & Music

Add visual effects or music at each transition point to give your videos more depth and texture. You can also experiment with tools available in most phone editing apps, like filters, animation effects, etc., which can take your videos up a notch.

Finally, post often and challenge yourself by trying new ideas each time. With these tips in mind, you’re sure to bring something unique and exciting to the Youtube Shorts community!

Ultimately, posting videos on social media can be a great way to have fun and share your creativity. With proper planning and preparation, you can create videos on any platform and engage with your audience meaningfully.

By researching the latest trends and apps to do the editing, you can give yourself a head start in the creative process. Whether for TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Reels, or Instagram, the key is to get creative and have fun with your ideas. And with our tips and tricks, you will have the next viral video in no time!

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