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We all know that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. For a lot of people, working from home seems too good to be true. For decades, many office jobs have revolved around doing tasks on a computer. Why couldn’t you get paid to do the same thing from home? Now, in the wake of Covid-19, even more companies offer remote work to employees or contractors who will never step foot in the office. Online jobs are not only common, they are in demand. This post will break down different high paying jobs in the world.

Print Designer

Print design is a varied category of commercial art. Graphic designers in the industry of print design find themselves working on magazine layouts, book covers and layouts, catalogues, greeting cards, packaging, textile prints, and more. It’s a long, fantastic list of artwork and design meant to be recreated in a tangible, printed form.

The training necessary to work as a print designer varies from project to project, company to company, and artist to artist. From newspapers and online magazines to various consumer products, print designers will find their skills are necessary in order to pull a company or brand’s product together and make it consumer-ready. Some designers work by themselves bringing a concept to print-ready status, you can be freelance and use while others work in a team, whether in-house or freelance, making sure their part is done effectively so that the project proceeds as planned. It’s likely that the larger the company or agency, the more teamwork will be needed. The average of a Print Designer salary is $52,094, so that makes it a really good price for the rest of jobs in the world.

High paying jobs in the world

Podcast creator

Podcast have become a trend in the consumption of digital content and platforms are paying more and more attention to it. and more and more platforms are betting on this content such as iVoox, Spotify, Podimo, Apple Podcasts or Audible and Amazon Music. Creating a podcast is often motivated by interest in a particular topic, leading to enthusiasm about communicating about that topic to an audience. Choosing a topic that you are passionate about should be the first starting point for a person who wants to end up making a living generating audio content.

Dani Caran, head of the Casus Belli factory, a podcast series about the war history of the 20th century (Casus Belli, Victoria and Parabellum). Among his three podcasts, he accumulates 400,000 certified monthly listeners and exceeds 1,000 paying subscribers on the iVoox platform, he launched his project as part of his love for war history, combat aircraft and scale models. As of the summer of 2020, he managed to accumulate recurring income that allows him to live exclusively from the podcast, and he also produces some for third parties, such as museums.

Teaching online

One of the advantages of being an online teacher that attracts the most attention of those who want to work in that field is being able to work wherever and whenever they want to.

However, even if you do not have a teaching career as your main source of income, remember that if you have specific knowledge in any area, it is possible to be an online teacher. You just need to have something to teach and people who want to know more about the topic you plan to convey.

Since you start recording your classes and making them available on an online platform, like Udemy or Coursera, anyone from anywhere in the world can have access to your content. It is one of the highest paying jobs in the world, this means that the effort you will make to deliver your online course to one or a thousand people will be the same. While pay depends on your qualifications and the specific job, you can expect to make anywhere from $12-$25 USD/hour (and sometimes more) as an online teacher.

High paying jobs in the world

Outsorcing marketing – one of the most demmanded paying jobs in the world.

Increasingly companies understand the importance of digital marketing for their growth in all areas, for this reason, hiring the services of an SEO agency has become a priority for companies.

Outsourcing is the process of hiring professional agencies by companies, so they design the strategies that are needed for each individual case, in order to increase sales. Investment in digital marketing is an investment that has a great return, it must be taken into account that the true results begin to appear in the medium term, but it becomes more consolidated and tends to grow if the appropriate marketing strategies continue to be designed.

The national average salary for Outsourcing Sales is $49,001 per year in the United States

E- commerce bussiness

Internet allows you to sell anywhere in the world and make your company more international when your online sales store is a proximity trade in times of pandemics. Being on the Internet will increase your sales opportunities because it is a profitable way to grow. The most important thing is to do it intelligently and strategically, taking advantage of effective tools to promote your business and what you can offer your customers. For this, having a team of Digital Marketing professionals will guarantee to find the best strategy for your business.

Today there are thousands of platforms, such as Shopify and WooCommerce that, in a friendly and simple way, allows you to have functional E-commerce on the air in a short time, in which you can show all your products, offer discounts and offers.

Do you see an online job as a means to an end and a temporary fix? Or do you want to build a new way of life? Are you willing to combine multiple online side hustles? These are essential questions to consider when choosing between low-reward/low-effort jobs and high-reward/high-effort jobs. Check out our list of remote jobs with no experience to get to know more about it.

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