Covid trends in employment

During the era of Covid-19, the vast majority of companies are relentless in transforming the company’s environment to become more employee-friendly. The Covid trends made Many companies chose to allow workers to use home offices during 2020 and even financed the hardware of home offices for their employees. Many companies have also introduced more flexible working hours for employees.

Larger companies have brought on board psychologists and coaches who are available to corporate employees and help with their mental health problems that may result from working from home. Not everyone has an extra room available as an office and many people also have children at home and it is difficult for them to plan their day so that they have peace of mind at work. As a result, emotional problems or conflicts can easily arise in the family.

Old or New? Home Office and managing employees

With regard to the re-introduction of the home office, we can expect an increase in demand for professions such as corporate psychologist, happiness manager, or project manager with experience in managing a remote team.

Covid trends had changed due to the uncertainty around the world about ending and resolving the Covid-19 situation, most companies have suspended their investments and new project development, instead focusing on keeping their existing team in the home office. Exceptions are industries such as food delivery, large e-shops with electronics and drugstores, the gaming industry and streaming platforms for movies and series such as NETFLIX.

The world has never moved faster than it is now. News travels around the world in milliseconds, globalization has seen the complete interconnection of countries and economies. Our industries, production processes, governments, institutions, morals or religions are no longer within traditional boundaries.

With the right skills, we, as freelancers, are able to travel the world and work from wherever we like, whenever we like, to do whatever we like, for whomever we like, however we like.  Although we have never been freer in our daily lives, we have suddenly been in competition in a completely global market with a relatively free flow of resources and labor. With millions of freelance competitors (many of whom are able to live and compete for a fraction of the price traditional corporations can afford), and what the media would think was a shrinking demand for human labor, it can all be a little scary.

One of the best parts of freelancing is the ability to do what you love. When you spend a lot of time pursuing your passion, you can become a master.  Although specialization and the resulting mastery are key components of the freelance journey, anyone who has been around for some time will know the importance of constantly learning new skills.

So what can we do to improve in a world that changes every day…?

Talking about covid trends, It’s pretty scary.  The raw truth is that there is no skill, hack or level of knowledge that could necessarily guarantee this.  There is only one habit we can adopt that can help in every situation: learning to learn.  We can never learn everything, but the habit of self-learning is perhaps the most valuable trait one can manifest in a rapidly evolving world — the desire to learn not solely for the knowledge, but for self-improvement, self-promotion and the constant quest for perfection in everything we do.

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