How to grow My Instagram Followers

If you are thinking about creating a new brand, having a business on Instagram or just becoming an influencer, starting fresh on Instagram can be tricky. One of the first things you should do is get followers as quick as possible. Luckily today we’re giving some tips for it so you will be able to answer the question: How to grow my Instagram followers?

1. Define your target

The first thing you should do when you create your IG account defines what’s your niche and what kind of content do you want to create for your followers . You should answer the following questions:

  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • When and how do they use Instagram?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What do they do for work?

Once you have defined this audience and you have it completely clear, then you will be able to publish anytime as always as you know why do you want to do it for.


You probably already know that Instagram is a 100% visual social network. Therefore, the content that works best on Instagram is content that is close and attractive and of course visual.

So posting good quality pictures, videos and animated posts will not online grow your Instagram followers but also create some engagement with them. Use a combination of reels, IGTV videos, stories, and images to attract and engage your followers.

Identify issues that address or resolve your pain points. Take advantage of live sessions to engage with them and learn more about their content preferences. Remember to use colours, graphics, and other visual elements to create an Instagram feed that resonates with your brand.

The use of hastags to grow your followers

We all know what are hashtags and how do they work, however, sometimes we don’t do it right. Actually, Instagram allows you to place up to 30 hashtags on your posts to tag the content you are posting. You should only use the most relevant ones. Research popular hashtags in your industry to identify the ones your target audience is most likely to follow so you will be able to grow your instagram followers.

Also, create a short and unique brand hashtag to reinforce your brand identity. Show it in your bio to encourage your followers to use the hashtag. You should also consider sharing user-generated content in your account to further boost your engagement and reach.

But be careful with how many hashtags you add to your posts, experts say that the optimal number of hashtags is between 5 and 11.

How to grow My Instagram Followers

Instagram Stories

One of the most peculiar thing about Instagram Stories is that a user’s stories expire after 24 hours. That is, they disappear forever. But precisely that can be something that encourages engagement with your community.

Instagram stories are another means of communication, apart from the Instagram feed, with a tremendous capacity for interaction with your community. So posting regularly on Instagram stories will grow your followers.

Another point in favour of stories is that you can save them in highlights, which makes them visible forever and not lost once 24 hours have passed. Applications like CanvaAdobe PhotoshopVue and VIMO will help you out to add some cool effects to your videos

Choose the best hour to post

You should create a proper Instagram content calendar to post all the content you want to. This will help you incorporate a mix of different content formats and topics to amplify engagement. Plus, use Instagram Insights to find out the days and times your posts get the most engagement. Use it to adjust your posting schedule.

You should also consider using social media management tools like Hootsuite or Semrush to schedule your Instagram posts in advance.

Instagram followers – Paid vs Organic

There are many reasons why you should think before getting paid Instagram followers or get it organically. One of the main reasons why people don’t recommend buying them is basically because the followers are usually fake accounts that do not have any type of activity, they don’t like your photos or videos, so it looks very weird if you have 39.000 followers but then just 2 or 3 likes on the pictures.

Also, they don’t see the stories you upload and they do not leave comments. However, if you still want to buy some followers, there are plenty of apps to buy Instagram’s likes or increase your followers. (Turbo FollowersGet Followers App, IsenGage)

It works in some different ways:

· You can buy a number of likes (with hard cash) that you can then distribute among your publications.
· You can do an exchange of likes in publications that your own applications suggest to you, to get other users to whom your publications are suggested to end up liking your photos or videos.

Work with an influencer

If you want to grow your Instagram followers you should consider collaborating with social media influencers is one of the most powerful ways to grow your Instagram account.

Nowadays there are plenty of influencers that promote different types of content online. But working with big-name influencers with millions of followers comes at a steep price. If your marketing budget is limited, consider working with micro-influencers to expand your reach. While these influencers may only have a few thousand followers, they share a strong connection with their audience and it’s more credible.

How to grow My Instagram Followers

Giveaways to increase your instagram followers

Giveaways are one of the best strategies to get real followers on Instagram. If what you want is to attract followers who then do not unfollow you when the giveaway ends, you should consider giving away something that is related to the activity of your account.

The trick to grow your followers on Instagram, in this case, is to make a giveaway with the sole purpose of discovering your account and, by the way, have an initial incentive to follow you.

Don’t make the mistake of giving away something of great value, either. It really isn’t necessary, although it is logically true that the greater the perceived value of the gift we raffle, the greater the chances of success with the raffle and the larger audiences we will attract!

And these are some of the ways to grow your Instagram followers, therefore, if you still want some more info, don’t forget our last post about how to become an influencer on Instagram.

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