Influencer Collaboration – How it works

With the increasing success of social media networks, successful influencer collaboration is also growing. The numerous influencers are a clear benefit for some companies that have decided to cooperate. The use of influencers has several advantages – influencer creates a particular community around them, which is why people trust them and let their opinions be influenced. Such promotion of products and services is thus much more pleasant for potential customers than traditional advertising. At the same time, you don’t have to learn for yourself how to become an influencer. How to work with influencers?

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How to choose the right Social media network?

Several things need to be clarified to choosing the ideal influencer. The decision should then be based primarily on your target group. Depending on the circle of people you want to reach, you can choose a suitable social network.

According to the latest surveys, companies usually use Instagram the most (30.1%), Youtube in second place (25.7%), and Facebook the last (25.1%). TikTok is a social network where the budget’s release for paid cooperation with influencers will probably be the highest growth in the upcoming years.

Which type of cooperation does influencer offer? 

You can choose the type of collaboration based on which marketing campaign you focus on. Consider how much you want to invest in the collaboration, who you would like to reach, and how you think it should go. Find out what you expect and what you want to avoid. You can set up cooperation according to yourself, but you will often encounter several forms.

Brand ambassador

Suppose a well-known influencer does not hide his love for a chosen brand, recommends it to its followers, and identifies with its policy. In that case, this company can make him your ambassador. This method of cooperation then ranks among the longer-term ones. Influencer becomes the face of the brand, shares their values ​​among followers, can appear at official events, and usually devotes more media space to it than other possible collaborations.

Paid influencer cooperation

The most common is paid cooperation. It can be either one-time or long-term. An influencer is paid to implement and promote advertising on social media profiles.

In this case, according to the law, the monitor must always be notified that this is an advertising campaign. Instagram, for example, offers the option of identifying a business partner and a promotion permit. The client can then monitor the contributions related to its advertising, interaction, and reach.


The use of competitions is beneficial for all parties involved. The brand gets into the subconscious of a wider circle, influencers can come to new followers, and followers have the opportunity to try products for free or cheaper.

The cooperation works in most cases by the contracting authority sending its products to the influencer, which then distributes them to the selected followers based on meeting the conditions, such as subscribing, sharing, or identifying another person.

Barter cooperation

Most of us know barter trades mainly as barter. This form of cooperation works on social networks so that the company sends the goods to influencers free of charge, which then promotes it on its profile. But it doesn’t have to be just about goods. For example, some hotels provide stays for free or at a reduced price in exchange for media space.

Events and unique experiences

Participation in events is a frequently used collaboration. The influencer will participate in various planned events or extraordinary experiences and share his activity with fans. This gives the company a closer look at how the brand works and deepens the relationship with customers.

Own product

The direct connection of the influencer with the product works as an effective promotion. The production department will work with the chosen influencer to prepare his product version, which can bear his name and face, thus promoting sales. The influencer then receives a share of sales, and the products are usually limited editions. 

We are talking about the most financially demanding form of cooperation. Because of this, the need to go the extra mile to create something new could be complex.

Affiliate marketing

As far as bloggers are concerned, one of the most common types of affiliate marketing is. Influencer places a banner, link, or other forms of online advertising on your blog and promotes the brand. Influencer receives a particular share of each purchase that the customer makes at the company’s e-shop after being redirected from the blog.

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How to find an influencer for collaboration

Once you have selected a social network and a form of collaboration, you can rush to find the right influencer for your brand. Here again, your target group plays a role. Think about what type of profiles your customers follow most often.

If you find someone, do the investigation

It would help if you were influenced by how the influencer presents itself. See if his posts are attractive and authentic. Also the number of followers is also a significant part of the choice. Discover these are genuine leads, not unknown, nameless profiles. Last but not least, check if the influencer has no collaboration with competing brands.

Take a look at the most-known influencers on Instagram. You probably won’t be able to budget for these big names, but you can be inspired by the content and create the perfect assignment. Then, search for smaller influencers manually through Instagram search through hashtags. In this case, you should look up numerous influencers.

Influencer cooperation price

Another issue, of course, is the cost of such cooperation. Some influencers have a price list published on the Internet. Usually, however, the price is agreed upon at a closer private communication. Remember that the influencer contract contains all the requisites.

Cooperation agreement for influencer

You can use this model cooperation agreement suitable for influencers, freelancers, and agencies who want to work with external individuals. There is either a fixed price for one contribution, a commission on sales, or the already mentioned barter cooperation. You can also find out on the Internet how much a potential influencer could say for their collaboration.

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There are also things to keep an eye on

Although working with influencers brings many benefits, there are still some risks. What should you be focused on? Pay attention to choosing the right person. He should know what the brand represents and identify with its policy. Its content should be relevant to your brand.

Also, make sure that your marketing campaign is ready. The influencer should have enough information about the product/brand and how to present your creations. At the same time, don’t forget that you are dealing with a person. Allow them to suggest their ideas. After all, he knows his followers and knows how to impress them.

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