The Most Luxurious Limousines of 2022

If you belong to the group of people who prefer to spend time in the back seat, you should consider choosing one of these luxurious limousines. It does not matter if you can not afford it. You do not have to buy those luxury long-wheelbase limousines. But you can rent them for the journey to the airport. You can save some time and rest or work during your transportation. Here’s a list of the most luxurious limosines of 2022!


BMW 7 long
BMW 7 long

It is always better to sit in the rear seat in limousines, but with BMW 7 series won’t be bored even if you have to drive it. But in the long version, you will enjoy it more when you want to drive it. Luxury is at the highest level. Great materials, amazing craftsmanship, nothing changes that. As well as the fact that for an additional fee you will receive not only heating and ventilation but also the function of massage or electric seat adjustment. You control everything with the tablet in the armrest between the seats, there are also ten-inch touch screens connected to the entertainment system on the back of the headrests of the front seats.

It makes no sense to doubt the comfort at all. About luxurious limousines, seven series perfectly dampens individual unevenness and at high speeds, you will hear only minimal noise of air flowing around the body. But the truth is that we would expect chassis soundproofing to be better in this category. The rolling wheels were sometimes a little familiar on broken Portuguese roads with rough surfaces. But BMW 7 series does not forget about the sporty character, typical of Munich’s works. You can take it in tight corners, its body practically doesn’t tilt, and what’s more, behind your wheel you don’t even feel like you’re sitting in such a big limousine, more than five meters long. Shooting the rear axle can simply do wonders.

However, the newest BMW 7 must also think of those drivers who, rather than the sporty features of the blue-and-white tail, are looking for comfort behind the wheel, and have therefore further improved their assistance systems. A Driving Assistant Professional system is available, which is a step towards autonomous driving. By reading the horizontal markings, it can keep the car in the lane, thanks to the adaptive cruise control with the stop & go function it adjusts the speed according to the traffic and by reading the traffic signs it automatically adjusts the speed to the permitted limit. The driver then only needs to check how well the system works.


most luxurious limousines
Range Rover Land Rover – long version

After 20 years, the prestigious Range Rover with an extended wheelbase is returning to the Range Rover’s offer, which is to be an alternative to classic LWB sedans. There is also a new version of the Autobiography Black equipment. The Range Rover Long version is enriched by an extended wheelbase version, which is a unique option in the luxurious limousines SUV segment. There are three engines available: a compressor-supercharged petrol five-liter with an output of 385 kW and two diesel engines, both with 250 kW and 700 N.m. It is an eight-cylinder SDV8 and a hybrid, where the six-cylinder cooperates with an electric motor. 

The cabin is upholstered in top-quality leather and the standard is not only the aforementioned Executive Class seats with eighteen adjustment functions and a massage function, but also electrically operated tables with USB ports and drink holders. There is also a telephone and a refrigerator, and LEDs provide cabin lighting. Guys, this is pure luxury. The comfort level should be the same as in an airplane business seat.


most luxurious limousines
Mercedes Benz S Long

Mercedes Benz S Long Version is a perfect option for your long trips on the back seat. Fully adjustable seats allow you to relax in an extremely comfortable position, while there is also a soft pillow under the head. There is really a lot of space in the extended version, you can easily throw your foot over your leg. The buttons on the door can be used to control blinds or a sunroof, and there is also a remote control for setting up the systems and playing movies.

This is one of the few luxurious limousines from which the crew emerges after a long journey, perhaps even more relaxed than before the ride. The soundproofing is first-class, noise from surrounding cars and motorcycles are annoying but this is not an issue in this car. The audio system is also excellent. And if you start to feel tired, one of the six massage programs will help.


most luxurious limousines
Lexus LS 500h

The fifth generation of the luxury sedan Lexus LS 500h of the premium division of the Japanese Toyota higher version pretends to be a work of art, as evidenced by the futuristic design and advanced technologies with which the sedan is literally sophisticated. This luxurious limousine We tried the hybrid jewel of the Lexus carmaker, which is full of comfort, luxury, and compelling consumption. This car also has the great benefit of HYBRID power. New regulations, especially in the EU allows you to park for free in the center of a city, your car tax will be cheaper too. 

At the back, two relaxation chairs are waiting for you, the right one can be adjusted in 22 directions, and thanks to the possibility of moving and folding the front passenger seat, you get royal legroom. For full comfort, tune in with a show on the touch screen in the reclining armrest, then enjoy a massage, play music from the 24 speakers of the pure Mark Levinson Premium Surround audio system, and fall asleep peacefully. To avoid disturbance from your surroundings, you can electrically shade the rear window and side windows with sunblinds or play a film from the rear entertainment system.

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