Ray-Ban Stories Sunglasses

Other smart glasses are heading to the market. These Ray-Ban Stories Sunglasses can’t project virtual objects into the real world. They are mainly used to record images from your surroundings. They are called Ray-Ban Stories and were created in collaboration with Ray-Ban and Facebook Sunglasses.

What you can do with Facebook Ray Ban sunglasses

So what can Ray-Ban Stories be used for? Facebook says the glasses “will provide an authentic way to take photos and videos, share your adventures and listen to music or receive phone calls.” For this purpose, the novelty is equipped with two integrated 5Mpx cameras. Users can take photos or record up to 30-second videos of the environment around them from a first-person perspective, both using a button and hands-free using Facebook Assistant voice commands.

In addition, Ray-Ban Stories are also equipped with simplified speakers and a system of three microphones, which ensure better sound transmission when making phone calls or listening to music. Thanks to Beamforming and noise cancellation technologies, the glasses are comparable to high-quality headphones in this respect.

User Control

The sunglasses camera can be started either by pressing a button or by the voice command “Hey Facebook”, the glasses are then controlled by the touchpads on the sides of the legs. An external LED indicates that the camera is currently active, which always reveals your spy activity. Inside Ray-Ban Stories glasses is a colored diode, which informs the user about the battery status or the ongoing pairing.

Ray-Ban Stories Style

Ray-Ban Stories will be available in 20 different design variants. They will be charged with a case and can capture up to 200 photos or 50 short videos on a single charge. The memory of the glasses can hold up to 500 pictures and 30 videos. Connectivity is provided by Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi 5.


Ray-Ban Stories sunglasses can be paired with the new Facebook View application, allowing users to easily share content with their friends on social networks. Facebook View, both on iOS and Android, will enable you to easily import, edit or share content captured with smart glasses into applications on your phone such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and more. Captured photos and videos can also be saved in the camera gallery on your phone and edited or shared later. In any case, the glasses themselves do not have a display.

You can check the video about Facebook Ray Ban sunglasses here.

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