Signs That You Have High Emotional Intelligence

You don’t mind change

If you manage the changes in your life and take life as it is without major problems, this is one of the hallmarks of a high emotional quotient. Can you easily move, change jobs or new projects at work? Then you have a high EQ.

You have a good intuition of people’s character

When you meet someone new, are you able to know in a few minutes if they are a good person or if something is “off”? If you are capable of this, it is a highly valued ability in business, at work and in life. It also means that you have increased emotional intelligence.

It doesn’t bother you when others talk about you

If you are told that friends or acquaintances are criticizing you (or maybe you even hear it directly from them) but you don’t let it get to you, this is a valuable trait.  Firstly, it will help you live a happier, simpler life but secondly it is a sign of high emotional intelligence.

You are not in contact with toxic people

Everyone will meet several toxic people in their lifetime, people who suck energy from others and are constantly in a negative mood. The art is to avoid contact with these toxic people and select only those friends who move you forward and help you develop your personality. If you have someone in your environment whom you have known for a long time, but at the same time their opinions do not suit you or they judge you excessively and you do not feel good with them, do not be afraid to say goodbye to such a person. Wish them the best but make it clear you cannot have that kind of attitude in your life. You will be relieved.

You are not looking for perfection

There is no perfection! Well, it may exist, but it’s still subjective. What is perfect for one person may not be perceived as such by someone else. That’s why you need to do things the way you perceive them as best you can, take feedback into account, but don’t do anything from negative opinions. Even if you create the best product, it won’t please everybody.

The same rule applies in business. It is proven that if you find someone who will do the job cheaper for you and is able to do 80% or more of it as well as you, it is better to hire more employees and let you handle more complex tasks or activities that are more strategic for your business success.

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