If you are thinking about working with affiliate marketing then you’ll need some time to build and manage your campaigns. That’s where software for affiliate marketing comes in. There are many different affiliate management software solutions to choose from and it can be overwhelming to compare features, pros and cons, pricing… But don’t worry because today we’re explaining from the beginning to the end how to work in this business.

1. Start from creating your own website

Creating and having your own website is key, as you will be able to learn through the process and be able to edit it anytime you like as well as make it more interesting for affiliate marketing.

Wix is a good example for creating your own website. If you haven’t already check it out just click the Get Started button on the main page and by this, you will learn how to create it step by step.

Wix offers a free option but your site will have branded “Wix ads.” It will also be published under a subdomain like this: https://MYUNLIMITEDLIFESTYLE.WIXSITE.COM. However, the plans for hosting are pretty good in terms of price, the cheapest one starts with 4,50€ monthly and the most expensive around 26€ with all included.

The first thing you should know about the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) tool is that it is really impressive and it can build a unique website tailored to your needs in about 15 minutes. Wix has around 900 templates that can be filtered by category or search so you can create the one that fits the more to your website and be able to connect it with software for affiliate marketing. For those with more experience, it has powerful tools such as Editor X and Velo by Wix that can give you greater control in developing fully-responsive, interaction-driven sites.

Ascend by Wix is asuite of marketing and business tools, which includes a CRM, email marketing, automation, invoice generator and video maker (amongst other handy features).

We think that Wix is one of the best ones in terms of creating your site but If you’re not convinced enough about Wix, there are many other options that you can consider as SquareSpace, Weebly, GoDaddy or WordPress, Aweber.

2.Hosting and domain

If you need some hosting there are many companies special but we recommend Godaddy,  is a leading web hosting provider taking a big piece of the market share of this industry. It has a modern and easy to use interface to learn about how to create a blog and make money with it. Free domain is included and the servers are located in the US, Europe, and Asia. It’s a fast and reliable server performance and regular prices start at $2.99/mo for shared web hosting. It’s a very average industry price. 

However, there’s a ton of options for all kinds of users and websites. Prices are actually average except for VPS hosting it’s cheap. But if you’d look at server resources, every plan includes a lot. More than what other average-priced hosts are offering.

3. Outsorcing from different platforms

If you are running a website, perhaps you might need some freelancers to help you to get your work done and have a fantastic website that’s able to work with affiliate marketing.

There are many platforms out there for outsorcing, however we recommend Fiver. If you never have heard about it, Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services with low-cost providers from all over the world. The online marketplace cuts out the middleman of hiring, firing and HR departments.

How does it work?

Fiverr works by letting buyers pay in advance for “gigs” which are any type of freelance service, ranging from web design, to social media marketing, to copywriting.  Orders are typically completed within a day or two, but the delivery time is set by the seller and can take longer if the seller has a queue of orders.  When your order is successfully completed, the seller will receive 80% of the total order value. For example, a $5 gig means the freelancer will receive $4 for a completed order.

It is such a good way to know how to hire employees as it also gives you the opportunity to work with all different kinds of people so you can find who works best for you without having to hire and fire people along the way.

If you are not convinced enough about Fiverr or want to open the catalogue of opportunities, we also recommend UXJOBS, and Toptal. You can also keep an eye on our post about hiring employees online.

4. Manage your work and productivity

When it comes down to “how to be productive”, there is a lot that you can do. But don’t worry, there are a few apps and software that can make your life easier and your productivity increase for being to able to manage your own website and work with affiliate marketing.

We recommend you Monday, it is a customizable web and mobile work management platform.  It’s the visual workspace where teams get work done. With this app, you can collaborate with your team for all assignments with easy to use controls and work together as an organized group. You will be able to organize and manage projects, tasks and teams from an intuitive interface.

Teamwork takes no work with task planner and project schedule features, so you can make sure you’re on track with quick charts, check-ins and deadline management.

Monday offers multiple options for workers and that’s why is one of our favourite productivity apps!

5. Consider an email marketing strategy

Email marketing consistently delivers a better ROI than any other channel that you can imagine. Plus, it’s brilliant for community building and engaging with your customers. There are many platforms out there that work with email marketing, but how do you know which one to go for?


Sendinblue is much more than an email marketing software, is an all-in-one platform covering many business communications types, including Email, SMS, Facebook, Chat, CRM, and more. You can create professional-looking emails in no time, using its email builder, but the magic is in the platform’s combination of features.

You can use Sendinblue’s marketing automation tools to scale your email marketing from autoresponders like welcome emails to complex workflows based on user behavior. 

It is free for up to 300 emails per day to unlimited contacts. And the pricingg starts at $25/month but this will depend on the number of emails you want to send each month.


This is another great option as Aweber has simple user interface that makes it easy for email marketing newbies to get their head around complicated features. 

It offers advanced email marketing tools like A/B testing, prebuilt and custom list segmentation options, and send time optimization. With Aweber you will be also able to personalize your email content and you could also use the e-commerce plugins.

It is not only a platform for email marketing, Aweber has it all, as well you ca build a free website, buy a domain and create paid ads and landing pages, publish social media posts and many more.

6. Boost your social media marketing

Nowadays social media comes along with your business and is a must for growing your business and being able to work with software for affiliate marketing.

Get creative for your social networks

We know that starting a social media from the beginning isn’t easy, in fact is a little bit difficult to get followers in a short amount of time, specially in terms of engagement. However you can increase your followers by buying some Instagram followers with Instafollowers. Buying IG followers from InstaFollowers is very easy and also very safe, and with their tool you can buy followers easily and fast.Their system is runs upon an SSL certificate, so all your data is secured when you’re shopping from InstaFollowers is with you 24/7.

In terms of running your social media networks being creative is a MUST. And as we know, there might be some days where creativity won’t come to your mind. However, there are many platforms that help you to create the right content and become viral within some hours!

For buying images, music, videos, arts and many more just a click from Shutterstock. Creating an account in Shutterstock is easy, and the prices start around $49 for a standard license at $419 with a myriad of downloads. The site offers thousands of content so far that you can filter by genre.

In terms of creating video content and engage your followers, Promo is such a good platform for it. You can choose from thousands of ready made templates and videos. It works with small business, marketing agencies, real estate agencies, e-commerce and more.

Prices are from 25€ monthly to 82€, depends on your preferences.

And of course we are not forgetting the master of the master for creative dreamers that look to work with software affiliate marketing, Adobe Creative Cloud. Including Photoshop, the most powerful and recognized editing software in the world, Lightroom that is a perfect option to work hand in hand with Photoshop. Adobe Premiere for creating video content and Adobe Illustrator for making your own designs.

7. SEO Tools for Auditing & Monitoring Your Website

In today’s SEO driven world, SEO tools for auditing and monitoring your website are essential. It allows you to monitor the performance of your site and its content. 

We recommend Semrush, it is such a great software that helps you to understand your competitors’ SEO strategies by providing best practices for PPC, SERP, Keyword research and more. It is probably one of the most popular competitor analysis tools used by many website owners and entrepreneurs who know how important it is to evaluate their competition to stay ahead in business.

SEMrush has a SEO toolkit that also helps you to compare the performance of your web pages to your competitors. For example, you may study crypto, determine where your site’s traffic comes from, and improve your website’s bounce rates to reduce them.

In terms of software for affiliate marketing works as a plus. It has three different plans. The Pro plan for $119.95 per month, followed by Guru, the best method for $229.95 per month and the Business plan for $449.95 per month.

8. All-in-one SEO Software

9. Affiliate software for your website

Here’s the big secret behind affiliate marketing’s success it’s eas and being an affiliate is fairly simple in the beginning but the trouble starts later.

It can be difficult and exhausting sometimes, but that’s where the magical tools come in- including affiliate marketing software. 

Voluum is one of our favourites, it is super easy to use and also has a free course and some tutorials to learn how to start your way to affiliate marketing.

With Voluum you can track, optimize & automate your advertising, all in one! They also have a guide about How to Start in Affiliate Marketing.  They also boast with constant updates and improvements, so you won’t be bored or left behind. 

You will be able to use reliable server–to–server postbacks to get conversion data, distinguish between various conversion types and even pass them to your traffic source, determine which ad variation, lander, or offer brought you conversions and effortlessly optimize your campaign flows for even more.

Voluum affiliate trackers helps you with Native, display, pop, email, search, push, social and video. Paid and organic traffic. And you can also integrate all your traffic sources with Voluum and control your affiliate marketing campaigns straight from the ad tracker.

SERPSTAT hacking tool

Serpstat is a hacking tool for Seo, PPC; COntent Marketing and searches analytics online. It has over 30 Google databases available, which include search queries and SERPs from all countries of the world. And you can easily learn how to work with Serpstat by their personal tool demonstration. If you want to know to learn how to use Serpstat to boost you can leave a request for free, and they have experts that will advise you on the development of your project, share training materials, and offer test access to Serpstat!


10.Best VPN solutions for affiliates

If you want your campaigns to run smoothly and efficiently regardless of the geo, then you eventually need a trustworthy VPN. Investing in a good privacy service might be a good idea even if you’re just starting in the field.

NORDVPN is the solution supports every operation system, runs encrypted extensions on Chrome and Mozilla, and allows you to enjoy privacy from multiple devices.

With smooth server speeds, extra privacy perks like ‘Double VPN’ encryption, and independently audited no-log policy, NordVPN is very close runner-up. It’s jam-packed with features, and, despite the quality on offer

Price is super cheap as you can get a 2-year plan for just $5/mo or try it for one month!

10. Last but not least, believe in your business

Turning an average affiliate marketing strategy into an excellent one doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to know where to look for help. And as you can see, there’re plenty of affiliate marketing tools to choose from.

You should definitely give a try to those which caught your attention and of course, believe in your business and patience is the key!

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