The Top 5 Fastest-Growing Online Jobs

The new coronavirus pandemic has led many companies to alter their work routine. However, this did not prevent them from continuing to work, and therefore, hiring. Right now, almost every element of the hiring process is being done remotely, from the first contact to the approval, as companies and candidates talk remotely, respecting the social isolation recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Even after everything gets formalized, the new employee continues to work remotely.

It’s common knowledge that traditional jobs have undergone drastic changes in recent years. This can make us reconsider our own future — what better way to get into the market, which areas will be most transformed by technology, or which skills you should develop yourself during the coming years. If these doubts hang over your career, it is best to prepare now and educate yourself so you can make the right choice and not miss out on opportunities. To help, here are some of the currently fastest-growing online jobs:

Software development

It is no surprise that technological skills are in high demand. However, managing the huge amounts of data processed each day and making sense of the different digital patterns will become increasingly valued. Areas such as Software Development, Computer Systems Analyst, Market Research Analyst, and Marketing Specialist, which also require these analytical skills, will increase companies’ demand for these workers in the future.

User experience

There are some variations for this profession in the market, such as Customer Success. The function of this is to make sure that the client has all the necessary information about a contracted product or service. User experience also creates solutions for a better customer experience on different digital channels. It is already very common to find these professions specialized in e-commerce and other platforms, who value the result and positive customer experience.

E-commerce specialist

Until relatively recently, e-commerce was not the biggest business model in people’s lives. However, with so many virtual stores competing on the internet now, it will be necessary to stand out more and more to attract customers. Therefore, a professional specialist in e-commerce still has a guaranteed long career as online shopping is here to stay.

Talent and human resource manager

While finding the right candidate is becoming increasingly dependent on data, and automated screening in some professions, people’s social skills are still valuable. Emotional and relational response, mixing the ability to bond well with people will always be vital in industry. Artificial intelligence will unlikely be able to do this like us anytime soon.


The logistics sector still requires human beings to be involved in supervision and management. It is an area that will present great opportunities in the near future, due to the adoption of new technologies for increasingly faster deliveries of products sold via e-commerce, industries, and others.

What to look for?

The secret here is to think about careers that involve creativity and relationships. These are functions that artificial intelligence cannot yet accurately reproduce. In addition, professionals who are prepared to interact with technology will always have their place on the market.

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