TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social networks and has massive online and video marketing potential. Instagram is still at the forefront of the popularity of social marketers, but TikTok is getting more popular and is currently completely defeating Instagram’s short video content. Find out how the TikTok algorithm works and create content that has organic impacts several times greater than on Instagram.

Instead of paid advertising, use this know-how of TikTok rules, which opens the door to expand the reach and reach potential customers of many existing companies and new brands.

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How do you get started on TikTok in 2022 by mastering the algorithm?

Instagram has in the past given its users some help on how the Instagram algorithm works. And TikTok finally decided to take the same step. This article will show you how the TikTok algorithm works and what you can do to get your work to the For You Page as much as possible.

TikTok is one of the most overlooked but, at the same time, the most attractive social networks for a starting business, brand, company, or brand. Set up TikTok for a business profile and start building your online activity on a promising social network, which is no longer just for teenagers.

How you should use TikTok

TikTok is a social network where you can create, share and watch short videos for up to one minute, whether dance creations, cooking, sketches, music videos, parodies, or education.

The process of making videos on TikTok is straightforward. You create clips directly in the mobile application. You have several tools to edit – you can insert visual effects, filters, stickers, music background, or photos.

Here you can watch, comment, and save videos to favorites. You also have the opportunity to support your choices and communicate through the news financially.

The TikTok algorithm in 2022

The TikTok algorithm is a comprehensive system designed to provide users of this social network with content based on their preferences. The algorithm recommends content based on video ratings based on various factors – starting with the interests expressed by the new user (length of video watching, liking, comments, similar topics, etc.) and other customizations that show no interest.

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Factors of TikTok algorithm

The algorithm is governed by many different factors, according to which it offers users additional videos to watch. The order and specific genre of videos are not random but consistently arranged by an algorithm.

At the very beginning, after creating the profile, the TikTok algorithm learns and recognizes your preferences. It gradually compiles your preferred videos and makes the perfect playlists of videos to show you.

Likes, comments, and shares

The more engagement and viewing a video gets, the more likely it will appear to a broader audience. So your task is to get as many likes, comments, and video sharing as possible. The TikTok algorithm, even more, evaluates comments. It is speculated that it depends on the length of the comment (only emoji, one-word, or whole sentences) and its language.

Completion and re-viewing

The video is further evaluated according to whether the users watched the whole and, in addition, whether they watched it repeatedly.

The subject of the video

TikTok has a sophisticated content categorization based on user interests.

Device settings

The TikTok algorithm recognizes user device settings such as location and language. Geolocation determines your country or specific area, and the algorithm is more likely to offer you local content.


The more popular a sound or song in a video, the more likely it will be shown to a broader audience.

Hashtags and keywords

You should use Hashtags and keywords in the headlines to inform the algorithm of what your video content is. Hashtags on TikTok do not play as significant a role as in the case of Instagram. It is advisable to use a hashtag strategy on Instagram to expand the contributions to a larger audience effectively.

In the case of TikTok, the function of the hashtags is not yet entirely convincing. Vast and popular hashtags such as #fyp #foryoupage #protebe etc., will often help the videos.

User activity and feedback

The TikTok algorithm uses previous activity and other indicators of interest to provide the most exciting videos to each user.

Each For You page is unique because each factor is considered individually. How to get to the For You Page?

The strongest indicator of interest is when the user finishes watching the entire video from start to finish. The watch time of the whole video carries more weight than the fact that the creator and follower are of the same country.

TikTok rules and how to use the algorithm

TikTok has become a source of income for many users. So it is in place to learn about the TikTok algorithm rules in 2022. The reach of videos plays a massive role in how successful TikTok is. Suppose someone talks about TikTok marketing or, more generally, about video marketing. In that case, the reach of videos is one of the critical success factors. They know how the algorithm works and can be used to increase the reach and speed up profile growth.

Get your audience in the first 3 seconds

Since watching the entire video is the strongest indicator of interest, engaging your viewers at the outset is vital. The social network TikTok has more than 1 billion users who want to have fun right away. TikTok prefers videos that are easy to digest and satisfy users who have a short attention time.


Creating consistent content in a particular area of ​​interest is one of the main factors influencing the algorithm. The more specialized videos you share, the better the site will know which audience to offer. Try using hashtags directly from your focus, whether beauty tutorials, comedy sketches, or cooking. This will help TikToku target your target audience.

Use popular audio

The TikTok algorithm tends to focus on prioritizing videos with popular sounds and music, especially in 2022. The best way to find out the latest trends is to browse TikTok. Find out if any songs are repeated often. If you come across popular videos with repetitive sound clips, click on the audio to see how many users have used it in their creation.

Another way to find new audio trends is with a video editor. Just tap the “plus” icon at the bottom of the screen, put “add sound,” and you can browse what’s currently flying.

Create unique and accessible content

To ensure longer viewing times, it’s a good idea to focus on creating accessible content. The easiest way is to add text and captions to the screen—the more accessible your video, the wider the audience and the longer the viewing time.

Try using new features TikTok brings to the platform

TikTok loves to create new features and try new ideas. And it rewards its users for engaging in testing. Trying out new features can play a role in gaining more engagement with your content. Especially when TikTok highlights when publishing what video editing tools you use. Keep up with trends and follow and try the application’s news.

How to increase the reach on TikTok

Here are a few other types of how to target the broadest possible audience and create a stronger community around you. What can help you make your videos better available, more popular, and get more TikTok followers?

  • Try to understand your followers.
  • Find your competitive advantage.
  • Pay attention to a well-crafted profile.
  • Be active, share, like, and share other users’ content.
  • Don’t forget to interact with the fans.
  • Be consistent and build a strong position.

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