Throughout my entrepreneur life I learned a lot, but these twelve lessons to learn stand above everything else. It is important to keep the lessons you learn in your mind, so you don’t make mistakes again. 

Mentally strong people develop and strengthen healthy habits. They manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors not only for their success, but for their own well-being and peace of mind.

1. Don’t waste time with regret

Mentally strong personalities do not drown in self-pity because of how they live or how others treat them. Instead, they take responsibility for their lives and understand that life is not easy, and they get nothing for free. Forget about “what if,” and don’t cry over spilled milk.

2. Don’t let yourself be controlled

Don’t let others control you, and don’t give them power over you. You hold the reins of your life in your hand. Consult with others, but the final decision is yours. 

3. Don’t be afraid of change

Strong people do not try to avoid change; they know it’s impossible. On the contrary, they are flexible and understand that change is part of life and brings new opportunities.  Rather than seeing it as chaotic, they view change as transformation, evolution, and development.

4. Do not waste your energy on the things you can’t affect

We cannot influence everything around us. We live surrounded by other people and their expectations because we are part of a community of individuals. We may align our interests with the needs of those around us, but the weather, the traffic situation, and the behavior of fools are beyond our ability to change or predict it.

5. Don’t try to satisfy everyone

Assertiveness is one piece of essential equipment in the 21st century. The ability to say no, not to be abused, and not try to please everyone is liberating. Another lesson to learn is to help when you can and when it is not at the expense of you and your needs. No one respects the victims of their weakness.

6. Don’t be afraid to take risks

Don’t take a senseless, stupid risk. But don’t be afraid to break away from the usual procedures, whether mental or work-related, if you think they are heading for the wrong goal. Be brave, think outside of the box, bite the bullet, and don’t let yourself be carried away by the stream of mediocrity.

7. Don’t live in the past, but don’t forget it either

Don’t waste time remembering the past and dreaming about what was. That said, the past must not be forgotten. Another to learn from what you failed to do and draw energy from what pleased you. Live in the present and look forward to what the future will bring you.

8. Don’t repeat your mistakes

Everyone can make a mistake. I recommend learning from it. If not for the first time, then at least for the second or third. Our lives are not endless so that we can afford to repeat the same mistakes again and again, or else we would not have time for new ones :-).

9. Don’t envy anyone for their success

Envy is a manifestation of the smallness of the spirit. If someone has climbed higher, if they have accomplished something earlier or greater than you – what they deserve from you is admiration and inspiration. Observe the successful, learn from them, and become the object of envy yourself.

10. Don’t feel like the world owes you anything

Ingratitude is everywhere. Too many people seem to believe that they have somehow “earned” a privileged life, and that everyone else should look up to them.  These people are continually disappointed.  Instead, act selflessly and you will be pleasantly surprised. Another lesson to learn is to give of your time, your energy, your positivity, and even your money, and you will find that you will be repaid with happiness.  

11. Don’t expect immediate results

One of the lessons to learn, is about many dreamers and naive people live in the fantasy that you have to decide on your dream, and a positive change just “happens.” No, it won’t. What can come quickly is just so disappointing. Instead, real success often relies on continued energy, effort, and attempts — which are frequently met with failure.  Don’t give up after the first, second, or sixth attempt.

12. Don’t be afraid to be alone

A sign of mental strength and composure is the ability to be alone. Don’t be afraid to spend time alone with your thoughts. I will use loneliness to relax, regenerate my psyche, recharge my energy, and consider the future. Don’t be dependent on the presence of other people. Don’t feel the need to be surrounded by external input, a rush of empty words, and don’t depend on excitement from outside yourself.

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