Advantages and disadvantages of electric scooter

The use of electric scooters has increased so much in a short time. Originally, electric scooters were designed for children. But today, given the advantages of the electric scooter, adults also use it a lot. Electric scooters are a great option for moving around in the cities very easily and quickly. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of electric scooter? Keep reading!


You save money

Some people say it’s cheap and others say it’s not, but technology costs a lot, however, electric scooters are much cheaper to operate when compared to other vehicles. A simple comparison of the cost of using an electric scooter, even with public transport, shows that using this gadget is much more profitable. Moreover, the recharge time is about 4-6 hours.

Eco-friendly electric scooter

Something we know, electric vehicles are eco-friendly, with zero emissions and zero pollution, that’s a good way to save the planet, imagine an entire world of electric vehicles with zero emissions whatsoever. If you love nature, and if you are an environmentally conscious person, you would be happy to know that electric scooters have a positive impact on the environment, because they do not burn fossil fuels, and do not release dioxide harmful carbon. The shop Segway has many options for eco-scooters and practical.

No driving lisense

Electric scooters are a much safer option as many countries don’t require a license for electric scooters. You can drive off to work, or your child can ride it himself to school daily.

Fun and entertaining with the electric scooter

Another considerable name of the advantages of electric scooter, the “fun and entertaining” side will surely delight the most players among you. By having fun they will unconsciously do a little sport and this will help keep them in good health. With TrendyScooter you can even get the scooter for 2 people and have fun with your friends too!:


Electric scooters are lightweight and easy to carry. When compared to an electric bike, electric scooters are so light that you can even take them in your hand.Some electric scooters also have a folding technology, so that they can fit into compact spaces as well.


Short distances

Due to limited range, electric scooters are not suitable for traveling from one city to another. You can use them for a few miles, and then the battery will run out, leaving you helpless in the middle of the journey. Electric scooter with better range and longer battery life are costly.

Accidents with electric scooter

If you’re riding your electric scooter at a high speed, there’s a good chance you’ll hit someone especially when he doesn’t see you coming because it’s a silent vehicle. Make sure to ride your scooter on smooth roads with small to no bumps and no big rocks, electric scooters have small wheels so they can flip over easily if it hits a small obstacle. 

Battery expensive

After maybe 3 or 4 years your battery will start dying and you’ll need to replace it with a new one, a new battery almost costs half the price of a new electric scooter.

Weight of the electric scooter

Electric scooters normally weigh up to 10kg on average, but if the scooter has a larger battery with a larger capacity, it will mean that it is above its average weight. Such scooters are a little more complicated to carry and will not be easy to carry it after riding. Battery size determines 30% of the weight of the electric scooter.

While riding a car or bike can make you lazy, an electric scooter is a good option to keep you and your family engaged in outdoor activities. They can never replace cars, but they are a good way of social interaction and traveling short distances. Today we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of electric scooter but If you want to learn about the differences between each electric vehicle and which one would suit you the best don’t miss this post .

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