Best electric mobility scooter for adults

Electric mobility scooters are a popular and versatile option for people with a variety of different mobility limitations.Today we’re naming the best electric mobility scooter for adults. Some context regarding the scooters we chose for this list, we decided to focus on the top-selling mobility scooters from all our scooter categories; from super light travel scooters, 3 and 4 wheel mobility scooters to heavy duty “off-road” scooters.

Stylish electric scooter

We talked already about Swifty in our article about advantages and disadvantages of electric scooter, but we must to say we love this online shop! The SwiftyZERO-e is the big-wheel, ‘kick-assist’ e-scooter that’ll transform your journey. Revered for its high quality, lightweight frame and stable geometry, the 16-inch pneumatic wheels and the elegantly formed aluminium frame lets you glide over uneven terrain in comfort and in style. The long-range (25 miles / 40 km) is aided by the kick-assist design to dispel any ‘range anxiety’ during your commute. You can ride using the throttle only and add human power when needed! Suitable in blue and green.

City Rider Electric Scooter

If you fancy something a little bit faster and bigger then X-Treme’s City Rider Electric Scooter comes in choices of three colours blue, black and pink. Hiding behind its cute looks is a 36 Volt Triple 12 AH Battery System and a 500 watt High Torque rear hub E-Bike motor delivering an output exceeding 600 watts. To top it all up “the thing is foldable” and designed with law of the conservation of energy in mind. t can carry an adult as heavy as 300 lbs and will also take you to distances of up-to 20 miles at speeds of between 17 and 21 mph in a quiet and comfortable package.  

Shared scooter

In terms of sharing your scooter you should consider the new Kickscooter T60, is actually the world’s first semi-automatic, teleoperating shared scooter. Sounds like the future,right? T60 offers an AI-driven ride that is remotly controlled by Segway cloud platform. T60 features auto-dock return capabilities for charging and automatic fleet regrouping in areas with greater demand.

It has a fisheye camera that captures full view of the surrounding, which enables click-and-go navigation for short travel and follow-the-edge navigation for long travel. T60 is able to detect and avoid obstacles and packs safety precautions for crossing traffic lights safely.

SEGWAY Mi Electric Scooter Essential for Adults

SEGWAY is a such big brand in terms of everything, it can offer you from a mobile phone to air purifiers and electric scooters. This electric scooter with 20 km/h battery life and 500 W maximum power with three speed modes you’ll be able to move around as much as you want to. Its easy to fold and easy to carry – 3 seconds fast folding with a folded height of just 49 cm.

You can also connect it to the Mi Home app to check riding stats, battery status and to upgrade firmware. Fully upgraded kinetic energy recovery system (KERS): When braking or releasing the throttle while driving, the energy conversion is more efficient, further increasing battery life

Best Transportable electric mobility scooter

The Scout transportable scooter combines easy and convenient mobility with superior value. The Scout is compact, lightweight and easy to disassemble-perfect for taking wherever you want to go, either around the neighborhood or far from home. It can be disassembled quickly and easily into five easy-to-handle pieces for loading into a car, truck, or Van and taking shopping or on vacation.

The four-wheel version of the Scout allows for enhanced stability on rougher outdoor terrain. The Scout also offers great features like a quick Connect battery pack and a delta-style tiller to make operating the scooter easier for those with limited strength or dexterity. This model comes with color-through panels to hide scuffs and scratches and black wheel rims.

There are many out there in the market but we hope we helped with this list of best electric mobility scooter for adults.

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