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The internet world has made us change the way we sell in our business and we had learned how to become an online entrepreneur. There are many ways to create a social media campaign that get results, but if you’re planning to advertise for free online with your new business then you should consider Taboola, keep reading to get to know what’s about!

The largest discovery platform to advertise online

Taboola is a platform that helps promote your business or brand and creates a solution in the online content marketplace. His creator, Adam Singolda, said that he needed to create software that discovers just the right thing based on a person’s interests. That’s why you can find some tools like, “Content You May Like,” “Recommended for You,” “You May Also Like,”. In this way, helps to connect content creators with content publishers.

Social Platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter monetize their sites with native ads, Taboola Feed allows publishers to tap into the rapidly growing budgets that brands are allocating towards online content promotion.

How does it work?

  1. If you want to advertise online then you have first to create the content, define what type of audience do you want to reach, then specify the amount of money you want to pay per click, and wait for their native ads to bring traffic to your landing pages.
  2. If you are a publisher then you can put a Taboola widget on your site and get paid for displaying paid content.
  3. One good thing about Taboola’s interface, is that connects advertisers and publishers and ensures that ads are well-crafted and facilitates the functioning of the marketplace.
  4. To begin, you have fill out this online form and a member of our team will reach out within 48 hours.
  5. Something you must know before applying is that you must be at least 18 years old, own and operate your identified website, and you can only publish content that you own or properly license (e.g. no scraped or copyrighted content)

Creating your first campaing

Once a member from Taboola approves your account, then you can go directly to the process of creating your first campaign. There is a chart that displays the difference in content types’ performance and you can analyse and consider the type of content you want to advertise online.

Taboola offers you to enter branding text, thumbnail, target URL, title, and add images.

Defining your campaign objective isn’t easy. However, Taboola gives you a few options you can choose from:

  • Lead Generation
  • Online Purchases
  • Brand Awareness
  • Web Engagement

Targeting your campaign

Advertising for free online with Taboola, you can add locations, whether in-country, region or zip code level data. Then you must choose which devices you’d like ads to appear on.

There are a few different tools for types of audiences:

My Audiences – This is an option that allows you to retarget your website visitors.

Lookalike targeting – This can be used to expand your reach and target new people that might be interested in your business.

Marketplace Audiences – Gives access to an extensive listing of third-party data categories, providing audience targeting options based on your audience’s interests, behaviour, demographics, and general interests.

Bidding and Budget

Now you have to set your bid for the campaign. A “fixed Bid” is a manual bid strategy that leaves future bid optimizations in your hands, the bid you input will always be the bid price paid. 

You can set a spending limit, monthly or during the time of the campaign. There is an Ad Delivery option that controls how to spend and is portioned out over the time the campaign runs. There are a few tools to advertise online:

The tool Balanced spreads the budget every day. And tif you click on “Accelerated” then will spend out the total budget as quickly as possible. “Strict” will divide your budget by the number of days it’s intended to run and set a firm daily cap.

Ultimately, use the “Tracking Code” to add any URL parameters you’d like to affix to your ads. This will help to ensure the right attribution in Google Analytics and any other platforms you use for tracking leads.

Optimizing your campaign online and advertise it

When it comes to monetization when it comes to monetization. In the Campaign Summary section, you can see breakdowns by day, day of the week, campaign, site, country, platform, and audience.

For improving your campaign and having a successful native advertising campaign, you’ll have to spend time developing your creatives, adjusting the CPC controls and using different targeting options, so don’t feel afraid to keep testing new stuff.

Taboola is such a good platform as you can see to advertise for free your campaigns online. Today they have more than 1,400 employees and they keep building new technologies that will help people find what’s interesting and new wherever they are!

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