If you are interested in various modern and innovative approaches to lifestyle, you may have heard the concept of biohacking. Here you can find the best biohacking info. It is an approach to one’s own body and mind that is gaining more and more popularity. Do you know what exactly does it mean? Biohacking is a conscious and active approach to one’s own life.

Who is Biohacker?

Most of us today know that this is a person who has a detailed knowledge of a computer system and can not only use it well but also adapt it to their needs. A biohacker is then one who is familiar with the biology of his body and through experiments seeks ways to improve its functioning.

How it Began?

The basic methods of biohacking go much deeper historically, its growing popularity has been mainly due to geeks and technology enthusiasts. There are many famous people officially known as biohackers. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, for example, is known for practicing intermittent fasting because he eats only one meal a day, but meditates several times a day and strengthens his endurance with a combination of sauna and ice bath. All this in order to influence, ie hack the biology of his own body – he believes that it will work longer and better.

How Biohacking works?

Although the combinations of methods used by individual biohackers are very diverse, the goal is more efficient functioning of the organism, better health, and longevity. At the same time, the condition for the success of such an effort is respect for the fact that the human body is a complex system. It is therefore not possible for it to prosper well if it is only stimulated and regeneration remains neglected.

Practising Biohacking

Rest and sleep play a vital role in biohacking. During sleep, processes take place in the body that is necessary for optimal functioning. At the same time, we know that sleep has many aspects, and it’s not just about its length. The sleep time, the number of waking up, or REM sleeping phase length is important. A ring with sensors, which sends data to a smartphone, is great for monitoring individual values.

However, biohackers are not only surrounded by technology, for many they have also become part of their own body. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, biohacking may not always be high-tech. Exercise, nutrition, and meditation are also biohacking.

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