The Best RFID blocking Wallets

Today we will cover the best wallets with RFID Blocking and why these wallets can save you money. A lot of people are using contactless cards while making payments. These cards are convenient but have a minor flaw with the RFID technology built into them.

What is RFID?

Radio Frequency IDentification is identification on a radio frequency. Thanks to contactless data transfer, it is possible to transfer identification data. This system uses and improves the NFC (Near Field Communication) system, which is used for contactless payments using payment cards.

So why should you use an RFID blocking wallet? It is easy because thieves can swing by you and steal a small amount of money from your credit or debit card while waiting in line for payment or during travels. These wallets are blocking radio signals sent by the cards. Therefore, they are a protection from making any payments while the card is in the wallet.

1) Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Leather Wallets

As a first choice, Buffway has its slim and slick wallet, which can hold up to seven cards and some cash. The wallet is small so that it can fit almost anywhere, so if you are a fan of carrying a limited amount of cards and cash, with the convenience of having a small wallet, this one is for you. The range of colors is vast so that everyone can choose their favorite color.

2) Timberland Men’s Leather RFID Blocking Passcase Security Wallet

Timbaland offers many wallets, but this one especially looks sleek and like an ordinary wallet with the benefit of RFID blocking. You have a choice of different color variations. As the first wallet, you can store your cards and paper money, but there is no coin pocket. The wallet is made from genuine leather with a slim design.

3) Fossil Men’s Derrick RFID-Blocking Leather Bifold Wallet

The following wallet is made by Fossil and offers a slim design with a lot of space for your cards and paper money. The RFID blocking is, of course, also in there, so you won’t have any issues with the safety of your money. You can choose from a variety of natural leather colors.

4) Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet with RFID protection

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet is the next wallet we have on the list. It looks the most premium out of all and also feels the best. You have storage for up to 11 cards, paper money, and in this case, also coins. Bellroy also offers some variants without the coin pocket, but it can be convenient sometimes to have this. The wallet is made from leather and is offered in several colors and a selection of more vibrant colors. Bellroy also provides a three-year warranty for their wallets, and that is a nice bonus.


5) Secrid mini wallet genuine black leather with RFID protection

The last on the list is Secrid, which is a Dutch company that specializes in wallets. I am using this wallet daily, and I cannot be happier with it. Secrid offers many variants of their wallets in different sizes, a different number of cards it can store and offers all the colors you could want. We have more conservative colors on our list, but with Secrid, you can get creative. 

The mini wallet can store up to 8 cards along with paper money. The cards are stored inside the RFID-protected section with a sliding mechanism that pushes all your cards in a step-like way so you can look and slide out the one you want to use. This method of card storage is innovative, and thanks to the mechanism, the wallet is also tiny.

Other Variants of Secrid Wallets: 

Secrid Twinwallet Original Black Wallet

Secrid Twinwallet is the same as the mini wallet but doubles the space for cards that you can carry with you. There is also space for paper money and RFID wallet protection.

Secrid Card Holder 

Secrid card holder, as the name suggests, is just the inside of Secrid Wallets which can store up to 6 cards. It is minimalistic and can be helpful if you don’t need much in your wallet. The Secrid manufactures wallets since 1995 and lately focuses on making the best RFID wallets on the market.

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