Check my pick of big youtube channels you should subscribe to. So there is a list of good business advice, useful information about lifestyle and career and so many other things you can learn from watching these youtube channels.

Silicon Valley Girl

This Silicon Valley Girl is a pure east European entrepreneur who succeeds in the worldwide scene. She was able to do her project with no money in not so business-friendly environment and now she is living with her family in San Francisco. OK, she has a family of four now and she lives out of San Francisco, but she is still successfully running all businesses that she has and she knows the hustle.

Her name is Marina Mogilko and she is from Russia. She moved to California to let her dream come through and it happened. Marina has also another youtube channel called Linguamarina where she helps you better your English. Actually, this was her core business for a long time. I think now she has a bigger income as an influencer. Both these big youtube channels are really recommended by me. Here you have the link to her company website LinguaTrip.

Thomas Kralow – Trading YouTube Channel

This is my secret tip for a proper Trading Education for those who want to be independent rich online entrepreneurs with no employees and no need to be on social media. Thomas is also a guy from eastern Europe. He really nailed it with trading strategies and the psychical side of trading. When Thomas build his fortune, he decided to create an ULTIMATE TRADING COURSE for beginners in trading and share his own strategies with others. Of course, it is a highly profitable business too. The quality of this trading course is just amazing and incomparable with other online trading courses. His big youtube channel is not that big but it is mostly because he really tries to educate people and does not fake them with fancy cars and the lifestyle of the rich. But of course, you gonna find there Ferraris and Lambos too.

Neil Patel – SEO Genius

Neil Patel is a guru of online marketing and SEO. He created software that helps you improve your website and find the right keyword or keyphrase for your article. It means your website will be organically visible on google and you do not have to pay for advertising. Ubersuggest makes you a complete audit of your website and shows you what you should do better. It is extremely helpful for bloggers and SEO-oriented websites. His big youtube channel is full of advice on how to reach and grow your audience. So go and check it.

Neil Patel

Nomad Capitalist – YouTube Channel

I love this guy. His name is Andrew Henderson and he has the same mindset as I have. If you are a rich digital nomad who wants to redistribute your wealth and you feel much safer with more residencies and investments around the world you should go and check Nomad Capitalist.

Nomad Capitalist

Sailing La Vagabond

One of the big YouTuber channels that growth with a child on board and a new boat. I am with those guys from the beginning and I still love older videos more than the new ones. You can dive into the stunning adventure of a young couple transformed by the time to a family living aboard. So check their website and start watching their videos from the beginnig. It is really worth it.

Sailing La Vagabond

Big youtube channels – Conclousion

I hope you like my choice of big youtube channels. Maybe they are not so big according to the audience but they have a big impact on today’s world and also on me.

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