So many people think about the perfect daily routine and special habits that should do to be a perfectly happy person. But maybe this magic formula- daily habits to be successful is just overvalued. I think you should start with the opposite and it will be much easier for you. It is also much comfortable when you want to change your daily routine or your lifestyle.

Daily habits you should not do to be successful

Too long waiting between meals

The body obtains energy from the food we eat and relies on a constant supply. “Every macronutrient – protein, carbohydrates, and fats – supplies energy. However, carbohydrates are the primary and preferred source of fuel for the body. If we eat more carbohydrates, straightforward ones, insulin levels rise. Once post-meal insulin levels peak, blood sugar levels can subsequently collapse, leading to a marked feeling of physical exhaustion. One of the daily habits to be successful is not to eat so much sugar.

In general, the break between meals should not exceed 5 hours. So this is the one of daily habits to be successful. But it is a purely individual matter, which depends on many factors. The best way to avoid feeling hungry is to have a comprehensive snack that will drive away hunger. Try protein bars or nuts and fruits, for example.

Work Environment Daily Habits to be Succesfful

Working in a crowded and messy environment can increase distraction and inattention. As a result, it takes you much longer to complete each task at the expense of your time, mental concentration, and energy. What should you do? Keep your work environment clean and tidy. It would help if you took the time to organize things. It will avoid constant searching for something. This moves you forward with your daily habits to be successful.

To many windows in your browser

When the upper screen of your browser is full of sheets it is a really bad idea to keep it like this when you are working. Not only does this bother your laptop battery, but it also increases your productivity. Too many open bookmarks on a computer in the brain evoke that it has many individual tasks to focus on. In practice, this means scattering and lower productivity. The same is true in real life. Always try to focus on one single task and only after its processing does you jump to the next one. Focusing on is one of the most important daily habits to be successful at least at work.

Blue Light before you go to bed

If you are exposed to bright light at night, your brain will mistakenly think it is still day. This can disrupt the sleep cycle, wakefulness can lead to insomnia, poor sleep quality, and fatigue. After sunset, focus on calming your circadian rhythm. Of course, this is not always possible, especially in winter, but learn to work with light. For example, set electronic devices to night mode, which reduces blue light to a minimum.
It is also important to avoid electronic devices in general for at least one hour before falling asleep. During sleep itself, make sure that you are not disturbed by LED lights from electronics, street lights, and other disturbing elements. It is not for nothing that it is said that darkness and silence heal.

Start with smaller improvements and constant growth and you will reach your dream life for sure.

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