Envato Market – Best platform for creators

If you are looking to buy and sell creative assets, use smart design templates, learn creative skills or even hire freelancers Envato Market has it all for you! Today we’ll go through the platform and will explain how it works and all you need to know about this creative platform.

What is Envato Market?

Envato is a creative online community that counts over $1 billion USD in total community earnings. It started in 2006 in Sydney and now they have 3 offices around the world with more than 600 people employed and serving more than 2 million customers.

Envato offers a range of products and platforms to suit a variety of projects and customers, including Code Scripts, Video, Music & Audio, Website Themes, Design Assets, Stock Photos and 3D Models (called content types). Then you are able to sell all the products or buy them from the Platform called Envato Market, or Envato Elements and Placeit.

How does it work?

In Envato Market you can either sell or buy, depends what suits you best for you and what are you looking for.

If you want to sell

If you are looking to sell your assets, then you become an author, Envato Authors are creators of creative products who sell and earn money using the platform online. You just have to create an account upload your work, then the customers will be able to download it online and you will earn money from their sale. Pretty easy, right? If you aren’t sure enough there is a  Beginners Guide to Selling on Envato, including an Envato Glossary that explains all the concepts and terminology to help you best navigate our ecosystem.

If you want to buy in Envato Market

Envato Market is where all the authors can sell their items directly to customers. Authors upload their work, users buy and license the item and authors earn. If you are looking to buy individual items then that platform is for you.

Categories and marketplaces on Envato Market include:

What’s the difference between Envato Market and Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is a limited subscription platform for licensing digital assets all for a fixed price monthly.

The main difference between Envato Elements and Envato Market is that the people who sell (authors) have to be selected to join Envato Elements, this mean that they ensure a curated selection of items that are suited the best.

The most suited customers for Envato Elements include medium to large enterprises and prob looking for a high-quality content in all the creative media.

There are plenty of categories like : Photos, Stock Video, Video Templates, Music, Sound Effects and many more!


Placeit is a smart design, logo and mockup tool that almost anyone can use for any kind of business or occasion. Customers can purchase items on Placeit either individually, or download them through a paid subscription.

If you are an elements author you can also have your items for sale on Placeit. This does not necessarily mean they will be chosen for sale, but rather they will be selected for Placeit based on what customers are looking for.

The are some categories at Placeit like: Stock Video, Photos, Templates, FontsMotion…etc

If your items have been chosen and published on Placeit, they will notify you monthly by Placeit email.

And once your item is published it may be edited a little bit before being published on Placeit in order to make it viable for Placeit users to customize and interchange graphics, icons, fonts, backgrounds, etc. But don’t worry as you will be aware and you won’t notice the difference!

Envato Tuts +

Envato Tuts + is a part of Envato Market that has multiple courses online to learn thousands of creative materials from just $16.50/month. This is really helpful if you are planing to sell your items on Envato Market after all.

There are more than 1,310+ video courses and 120+ eBooks without any advertising, amazing right?

Envato Studio

Envato Studio is a good way to connect designers with developers. How does it work? You just have to compare prices, recommendations and more so you can select the Talent that suits you better for your work.

Once you provide a job brief for the Talent to review then the payment is taken until the job is done and you’re glad with the outcome.

You can also share files and feedback easily with the messenger and job management tools.

In conclusion, Evato Market offers a range of options for creators whether you want to sell or buy online and it helps you to get in contact with thousands of people from around the globe! If you are also interested about selling your photos online don’t miss our last post that name the top 5 places to get into this career.

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