Nowadays, there are many opportunities for people to become very successful in the business field. Technology, allows us to create unique things that can be perfectly aligned with our interests and capacities. When we talk about success, people seem to associate such a thing with something that happens later in life. Although such an association can be true, teens have a wide range of opportunities to become thoroughly successful. Therefore, there are a lot of business ideas for teens to use and create.

The era we live in, allows us to take full advantage of opportunities, indeed. The internet and its multiple ramifications, allow us to start a business by ourselves. There´s no need to have a big team or a base infrastructure in the beginning. All it takes is an idea, motivation, resilience, and hardwork. For most people, business is something you start thinking of when you either graduate high school or college, but let me tell you that young people have already achieved immense success in these areas.

Historical Context

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When we think about a successful businessman or businesswoman, we imagine someone with maturity, experience, and wisdom. Therefore, the idea that pops into most of our minds is of someone, either in their 30s or 40s, but that isn’t always the case. Throughout the years, young people have achieved many things, such as running a successful business in their 20s, or some even younger. Yes, that´s right, you can become a successful business owner at a very young age. Even though a business requires a person to have a lot of specific characteristics, that doesn’t mean a teen can not have them. Just take a look at a few examples.


Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg proves, very efficiently, that a successful business can start at a young age. He was a Harvard student who had phenomenal skills in computer programming. What started as a small app, intended to be used by the colleges so students, now are one of the biggest websites the internet has ever seen. Having almost 3 billion users, Facebook has made him a multi-billionaire. Therefore, we can see with our eyes that an idea created by a 19-year-old quickly became a phenomenon.

Mikaila Ulmer

Mikaila Ulmer is a perfect example of someone who created a very successful business at a very young age. Her company ( Me & the Bees Lemonade ) started as a lemonade stand that this successful young lady started while she attended kindergarten in a business competition in Austin, Texas. Currently, her brand is being sold in over 1500 stores and has also expanded into selling lip balms, made from the wax of bees. Consequently, it is evident that a business idea, such as Mikaila ´s, which refers to something well-intended and innovative, can very rapidly become a huge success in its sector.

Ben Pasternak

Ben Pasternak was someone who found little passion in the topics school covered. Consequently, at 15 he dropped out of school and decided to create a buy and sell app called Flogg, and later on, he also created a popular video chat platform called Monkey. He is now a self-established multimillionaire. Another great example of success.

Of course, not every idea will be a great success, but rest assured that if you have what it takes success will be on your way.

Why children can succeed

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Sometimes, people tend to discourage teens by telling them that they must be more experienced, mature, and knowledgeable in an area before starting their business. although it is important to have good knowledge in regard to the sector that they are inserting themselves into, nowadays teens have a lot of opportunities to be incredibly successful, indeed.

A question that is often raised when it comes to this topic is, why or how can teens succeed in the business field? The answer is very simple. In the world we live in, teens appear to have great creativity, which allows them to imagine big, innovative, efficient, and, interesting ideas. some teens seem to have a great understanding of the world they live in, this includes people’s tastes, interests, popularities, and more. consequently, they’re able to create not only revolutionary ideas, but also ideals that a contain great ounce of popularity. Besides, it has been shown that teens intend to create something that will be not only valuable to people’s lives but will also contribute to making the world we live in a better place, indeed.

Of course, an idea that has great success doesn’t come to fruition by thin air, it is important to have a key set of characteristics in order to make an idea become something real. thereby, teams that intend to become very successful in the business field must be, above all, resilient, hardworking, sensible, Knowledgeable, and focused.

Therefore, teens that have these characteristics can very well succeed in business. it is obvious that you will learn a lot of things along the way, but it is crucial to have a well thought out idea that will be, as previously mentioned, innovative, efficient, interesting, and well-intended.

How to support these ideas

business ideas for teens

Sometimes, what can make or break the creation of an idea is the support that teens have. it appears that a supporting, caring, and loving environment enables teens to feel more comfortable around the idea of making their mark in this field. Therefore, as a parent or simply a friend, your support can have a tremendous impact on the person who intends in creating something revolutionary. consequently, instead of convincing a teen that their idea is either not good enough or that they should take more time to fully understand the surrounding world, deeply understanding their idea and intentions can be better.

Of course, it’s important to understand and to measure the risks, but it is also crucial to let young people develop and feel free to invest in something that comes from their imagination and intentions. Business ideas for young people are very wide, but sometimes its success comes down to the support they receive.

Fields that are good for teens to start their business 


It is also very important to understand the fields that are more appropriate for kids to start their business in. There are a variety of options that can not only be lucrative, but also interesting.

Creating a stand

Having a stand where you sell the products you have made can be a great opportunity for two main reasons. Firstly, if you go against your stand might have a lot of sales, which, of course, can be lucrative. Secondly, by attending many events, you might attract investors that are interested in expanding your brand. Therefore, you’re a stand and come a well-rounded and famous brand. Consequently, it is one of the best business ideas for teens.


Skills, suchas developing and creating softwares can be incredibly valuable. Many young entrepreneurs of our era have achieved immense success by creating software. Therefore, it is an incredibly lucrative sector. Besides, it might also revolutionize the online world as we see it today, just like Facebook did. Thereby, this field can offer a range of opportunities for future youngpreneurs, which makes it a part of the great business ideas for teens.

Selling gigs online

Selling your gigs online can be a great opportunity to earn a great income. These websites welcome people with various talents, such as writers, software developers, video editors, and many more. If this idea intrigued you, I would recommend the online platform called Fiverr. Fiverr is an app that allows you to sell your gigs online. Therefore, it allows you to do what you love, and to become a freelancer, which has incredible advantages. This is definitley one of the best business ideas for teens.

The Pros and Cons

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Like everything, running a business at a very young age has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore it’s important to measure the pros and cons of investing in business ideas for teens.


  • Low startup cost;
  • You learn a lot of different things, in regards to business;
  • You develop a disciplined work ethic;
  • You’re the one who creates your schedule and workload;
  • By being young, you have a lot less to lose, when in comparison to the future;
  • You have immense opportunities to grow your brand and to make a profit.


  • You´ll have to give up time with your family and friends;
  • You´ll have to produce results constantly;
  • The income is inconsistent;

Final thoughts

In conclusion, running a business at very young age requires an individual to have a set of characteristics that will allow him to succeed. Success is available to be achieved by young people, as we can see by the past years. Of course, running a business is no easy thing. You need to be committed, persistent, sensible, hardworking, knowledgeable, motivated, and others.

If you’re interested in starting a business of your own, there are many fields for you to enter. As we have seen in the past years, young people have achieved a lot of success. It all starts with a simple idea that, with hard work and commitment, comes to fruition. Although you might think that your ideas may not be very valuable to the world, trying doesn’t hurt.

Of course, like everything, by starting a business (with business ideas for teens) of your own there will be advantages, but there will also be some drawbacks. The important thing is for you to keep yourself motivated, and go forward with a positive mindset. Besides, as you go along you will learn a variety of things, which will be very valuable for the future. Therefore, you will not only have an opportunity to create a lucrative business, but you will also learn many things along the way.

Not every idea will be a huge success, but with trial and error comes success. It is with our errors that we learn. So, if you’re interested in this sort of activity don’t be scared of making mistakes. Soon you will understand that running a business is actually very fun. It all comes down to one’s mindset, priorities, and characteristics.

Thereby, if you believe you have an idea that can change our society and make it something better, I say go for it.

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