How to invest in cryptocurrency

After understanding what cryptocurrency really is, it´s important to understand a crucial thing, who to invest in it? Cryptocurrencies investments can be quite complex to understand and execute, therefore, it is very important for you to have the right website, in order to invest correctly, effectively, and, of course, safely. If you´re interested in learning about this topic, in this article we will present to you an incredible website where you can invest. Plus we will also show you how to create your account and want you can invest in.


Etoro is a platform for investments and online brokers. Therefore, it creates the possibility for you to get involved in real-time ETFs, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and others. This platform also offers you the option to make day-trade investments and long-term investments. Consequently, it´s adaptable to your needs and, above all, your preferences. This user-friendly platform is protected by great technology, being, thereby, one of the most popular investment apps, especially for cryptocurrencies.

Creating an account in Etoro

Now that you know what this platform is all aboout its important to creat an account, here´s how you do it in 20 easy steps.

  • 1st- Go to Etoro´s platform;
  • 2nd- Click on the button that says “Join Now”;
  • 3rd- Then, you will be directed to a page, where you will have to fill in a few pieces of information, just like on the image presented: 
How to invest in cryptocurrency
  • 4th- After filling the blanks with all of the information necessary, and agreeing with the “Terms and Conditions”, you can click on “Create Account”;
  • 5th- After having done these 4 steps, you will be asked for your username and password only.
  • 6th- After all of this, you will finally be on you´re eToro’s dashboard page, such as the image:
How to invest in cryptocurrency
  • 7th- Now, you must click on the button that says “Complete Profile”;
  • 8th- Now, you are should fill in the rest of the spaces;

Profile Completion

  • 9th – You must now complete this next information, in regards to your phone number, city, postal code, etc;
  • 10th- Now, you must answer this question, that will give the platform a sense of you experience in the market, especially about your stock investment journey;
  • 11th- Afterward, you shall answer this next question, about your crypto investing experience, which will, again, help the platform to understand the amount of help/tools you should be using;
How to invest in cryptocurrency
  • 12th – Now you must answer this next question, which as you can tell is very important, given the fact that etoro will restrict the number of products they offer you, in regards to your experience. Again, an important fact the platform must have in consideration;
  • 13th- Then, you must answer this question;
  • 14th- Then, you must take this small test, just to notify the platform, which will help them get a fell on your experience and knowledge on trading;
  • 15th- Then, you must choose out of the options what instruments you plan on trading;
How to invest in cryptocurrency
  • 16th – Afterward, you must answer the following question:
  • 17th- Then, you must tell what your risk is, which will help the website when it comes to presenting you with certain offers;
  • 18th- You must identify yourself, within one of the option provided;
  • 19th- Then, you must fill in your financial status;
  • 20th- Finally, you must read and confirm the platform´s terms;
  • 21th- Then, you must fill in your phone number;
  • 22th- The you must include a photo of your passport and the completion process is done.

What can you invest in

Now, with your profile created and completed you can actually start investing in etoro. The amazing thing about this platform is that you can invest in cryptocurrencies, stocks, and many other things. For example, on your dashboard, you can view many stocks available to be bought from many different companies. Then, it’s up to you to measure the risk and the guarantee of buying it. If you decide to invest in it, you can quickly view it on the platform (the ups and downs the stock goes through). This will increase your level of attention, in regards to what you must do with it. Therefore, as you can see, etoro has many tools that help you to stay up to date on your investments, keep you updated on promising opportunities, and many more. Thereby, you can fully trust this platform, due to its high level of accuracy and protection.

Final thoughts

Etoro is a very innovative and accurate app, that guides you to the best possible investments. It provides all the necessary tools for this activity, which not only is safe, but also viewable on the very platform. Plus, this platform, by being based on your personal experience, it will filter the stocks you are most interested in. For example, if you are thinking of starting to invest in cryptocurrencies this platform will notify you of the best and most interested-based opportunities. Therefore, investing in cryptocurrencies can give you lifetime opportunities, which, if you have the financial ability, why not start? It´s all about measuring the risk and reward, and on that, this platform will most certainly guide you.

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