Jobs online that require no experience

Nowadays, with internet access, we are able to do a lot of things. Some of them even include gaining money online, of course. You can be an expert in a field or somebody who is interested in an area and wants to try it out for the first time. Either way, you must understand that there is a gap where you fit in. If you´re interested in starting to gain money through the internet, in this article, we will show you some jobs online that require no experience.

Website or App Testing Job

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If over the years you have noticed some of the good and bad features on an application or website, you might be perfect for this online job. It´s called simple website or app testing (not the complex sort of testing, just testing it as a simple user). Therefore, you are paid to test and evaluate the performance of a site on the internet, just by being a simple user. This sort of job does not take very long and it includes a lot of advantages. Many companies, such as User Testing, offer these jobs.

Advantages of website testing

  • You don´t need experience most of the time. A lot of the apps are looking for beginners (regular users) to test out there creation;
  • You can do this job anywhere, which gives you freedom, in regards to your workplace;
  • Reviews usually take around 10 to 15 minutes, and you earn (most of the times), around 10$- 15$;
  • You can work for multiple companies at the same time;
  • You´re the one who manages your time. You are simply asked to review an app or website with a usually large deadline.

Proofreading online job

If you’re somebody who can easily spot mistakes while reading a text, you´ll be perfect for this online job. It´s called proofreading, which means, examining a text to find and correct typos and mistakes in grammar, style, spelling, or even, structure. Plus this job also offers a large number of advantages, such as:

Advantages of proofreading:

  • You´re the boss, which means you´re the one who creates and manages their time, plus your remunerations are mostly dependant on you (the amount of time you´re able to set aside to do this job);
  • The job offers you variety. By being a proofreader you reed all sorts of texts, which means exact repetition is unlikely to happen;
  • The remuneration varies from 20-25$ an hour, which means you can easily gain quite a large sum, compared to jobs where people need to have a specific formal education beforehand.

Micro online Job

A micro online job involves the comletion of a small task online for an alined fee (only a few dollars). Therefore, if you want to do somehting quick, and gain money out of it, then this online joib is perfect for you. As you can see through its advanatges.

Advantages of a micro job:

  • It doesn’t require a lot of time (usually a few minutes);
  • Locational flexibility;
  • Schedule flexibility;
  • It solely depends on the amount of work you do;
  • It gives you a variety of different tasks, that might kill boredom, and replace it with a respective remuneration.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, with the existence of the internet, we are able to do a lot of things, including gaining money through jobs online that require no experience. Above, you can find three of the most efficient jobs that will give you a considerable amount of money, that is solely dependent on your motivation. If want to start making money online, but have no specific experience, then these jobs are perfect for you. Plus, you might even develop other skills, that´ll lead you to more opportunities, and, consequently, more online remuneration. 

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