Is it better to be an employee or a contractor? Freelance vs. contract? Let’s dig deeper. Everybody, well, almost everybody in our highly developed society, has some form of income. Of course, you sacrifice your time and effort to have some money to use for groceries and pay the bills. But when the salary lends to your account, you can expect it to be much lower than your employer pays with all taxes and insurance. 

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Freelance vs. Contract – Reality

The question is, could you have more when you change the type of contract you actually have with your employer? Maybe it is better to work as a self-employed person, and you even do not have to change your job. Yes, maybe you have better insurance, status, and retirement. But is it worth it? It is easy to count it. When you work as an independent person, it also has some benefits. So write down the numbers and, yes, you bet it is just a part. There is a big difference between your salary and the amount you have to pay as a self-employed with employee tax and insurance tax. If it is a big difference for self-employed, you can ask your employer to change the contract and give you more extra money. Freelance vs. employee contract

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Is it for You?

Do not be scared to do that. The world has changed. Even if you have a permanent contract, you do not save during the time of covid. Being a self-employed person also brings other additional benefits. Work freelance vs. work on the contract is different. It gives you freedom, but you have to be well organized.

If you have work that you can do remotely, it is much easier for your employer to give you a permanent home office. It also gives you an option to add additional income. If you send an invoice (billing) to others, you can offer your skills to others who need them. Yes, you think about where you can find those people. The answer is on the internet. Some platforms offer you to promote your skills to the world and evaluate your time as you wish. You can try platforms like where you can publish your experiences and offer them for money. And it is easier than you think. There is a significant demand across all countries. 

Freelance vs. Contract – Money

So how should you evaluate yourself? The key is not counting your monthly salary but your working hours. If you work 60 hours per week for $3 000 per month, it is still worse than earning just $1 500 and working just 15 hours per week. There is another benefit of time. If you need more money, you are free to do another part-time job or run your project. So you do not have to choose between freelance vs. contract. You can just do both, at least at the beginning.

Think about it, evaluate yourself properly, and do what you like because you will not have more time than the others. You will see that your life will be happier, and maybe it will open another chapter in your life. Perhaps you start to travel or create your own company when you realize that you are unwilling to sacrifice your time to work for others. 

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