Do you think about the lowest cost of ownership of cars? Some of you have certainly experienced it. The moment when you look into a brand-new car, you will be enchanted by its curves, equipment, and engine. And suddenly you have the urge to think about buying it. But times change, and you would make a big mistake with this step. You ask why? The answer is simple. Nowadays, a new car is not bought but rented. In addition, today, we will try to show you seven reasons why buying a new car for your own money is nonsense.

Loss on the value of the car

This point is quite crucial. With each day and mileage, you devalue your car, and thus a vehicle with a price tag of one million crowns can easily cost 30% less after a year of operation. Of course, some brands hold their price well, but not everyone can afford a car with the Bugatti, McLaren, or Ferrari logo.

High purchase price

Are you bothered that your dream car costs too much money? So don’t even think of borrowing it or repaying it! Thanks to the long-term rental, you can ride in the latest models for affordable capital, and at the same time, you do not have to worry that the monthly payments will take over your skin.

Quality and processing – lowest cost of ownership cars

It is quite an exciting thing to debate. Some car dealers say that reliable cars were manufactured sometime before 2007, and since then, their quality and “durability” have been declining. We cannot confirm this, but we have personally been convinced several times that a new car does not automatically mean fewer worries and problems. Repairs can bother the owner badly! Even in this case, long-term car rental pays off. In his case, you may not really care how much your chosen car is a secret trap for problems because service and all maintenance are included in the price. Think twice about how to reach the lowest cost of ownership of cars.

Sudden decisions to change cars

Until a few years ago, it was science fiction. Imagine that you bought a new car, but after a short time, it will no longer suit you. At a dealer, you wouldn’t get a refund. Even in this case, long-term car rental is ideal, which allows you to return the car at any time and not pay a hefty fine.

Costs associated with service

Even if the carmakers promise you that the purchase of a new car will pay off and often offer you a seven-year warranty, do not be fooled. It’s a marketing move; believe me, that warranty usually doesn’t cover the supplies you must pay out of pocket. The price of a long-term car rental may not interest you how much the new brakes, oil, or turbocharger cost. Everything is included in the rental price, and you don’t care about anything.

The conclusion of owning a car is simple. It is not worth it. It does not matter if you want to use an app for car sharing or need a car for daily use, so you go with some long-term rent operative leasing. Both ways are better and cheaper. And the benefit is that it saves you time for parking and trips to a car service.

Here you have the perfect option to rent a car.

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