Future Employment – Five emerging professions

The future employment will undoubtedly change thanks to digitization. Although robots and technology are familiar sources of concern for overall job losses, most economic analyzes show the opposite. The World Economic Forum predicts that 97 million new jobs will be created by 2025. It will not only be the technical professions but especially those that are connected to the new division of labor between humans, machines, and algorithms.

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Here are jobs for future employment thanks to digitalisation

Business developer for Metaverse

As early as 2021, the metaversion market was worth sixty million dollars. According to the financial company JP Morgan, its value will grow to one billion dollars in annual sales in the coming years. By 2026, the average user of the technology, according to Gartner, will spend an hour a day in the meta version. No wonder the financial world sees its virtual counterpart as a source of great opportunities.

This year, the creator of startups for large companies, Creative Docks, launched the Metaverse Business Starter platform. In this virtual environment, it tests new digital projects. In the meta-environment, they are building a virtual branch of the bank or a virtual arena for organizing e-sports competitions. But will the future of jobs be in the metaverse as popular as Mark Zuckerberg thinks?

 NFT Art Collection Curator

The NFT market has shown massive success recently, with digital artwork selling $69 million, or more than $1.6 billion, in 2021. Until recently, the author sold the most expensive print of his digital works for a hundred dollars, thus joining the ranks of the most expensive contemporary artists.

Over the last year, multiple galleries with NFT art started popping up, offering for sale curated NFTs. The goal of galleries is to connect the world of collectors and digital artists physically. NFT technology creates a lot of opportunities for artists and even collectors. The market is full of NFT art, which has doubtful credibility and value. Knowing what to look for on the market and assessing the quality of individual works is all the more critical. 

Manager of blockchain projects

According to the report, fifty-five percent of leaders in senior executives think that blockchain technology is one of the top five strategic priorities for a company and for future employment. As many as 88 percent believe that blockchain technology will become a regular part of business in the next few years.

The focus is on smart contracts and developing entire web or mobile platforms. The knowledge of Web2 applications, which is the current skill set combined with an understanding of Web3 applications that run on a blockchain, is vital.

Change manager

The role of restructuring a company is challenging, especially in recent years with home office and digitalization. Thanks to the development of worldwide situation the need for someone who keeps every part of company change is crucial. Some experts even attribute the Great Resignation, the mass departure of workers in American companies, to poorly managed change strategies.

The change manager puts the upcoming changes into practice and is responsible for their successful implementation in the firm. His task is to minimize the risks associated with a failed transition while maintaining the involvement of all stakeholders throughout the shift. He also helps to facilitate the transition of employees to the new conditions. He helps them with adaptation to the new work ethic.

Remote team manager

Multiple companies have used online communication platforms before. With the introduction of the home office in recent years, the rest follows. After experiencing the operation during the pandemic, some companies decided to switch to permanent remote workers or home office, which also requires a different way of coordinating teams. This status will be a part of jobs even in the future.

Most companies’ new mode of operation includes regular meetings and team buildings. Those strategies are implemented to prevent decreased employee motivation while pushing them towards online communication. The introduction of more efficient processes for cooperation is now more critical than ever, which is the reason for the need for remote team managers.

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