Best Way to Pack a Suitcase

Discover best way to pack a suitcase efficiently! Thanks to these tricks, you can store more luggage and enjoy clothes without folds during the trip! Discover inspiring tricks for smart packing a bag for holidays or business trips! We recommend packing a suitcase quickly, storing more things in hand luggage, and what to do to avoid wrinkles.

Most problems during travel preparations are caused thanks to indecision about what to pack in a suitcase. Probably each of us experienced a situation. You are staring at the already packed luggage while wondering if there is a tight shirt or a charger. Probably everyone knows this feeling when they are sure they have forgotten something, but they cannot remember what it could be. Find out what you can do to make packing a suitcase a pleasant experience!

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Best way to pack a suitcase

Create your checklist for the trip first! If you travel often, it will be helpful to create a permanent, universal list. Before the next trip, you will only add a few elements needed for that particular trip. Thanks to that, you probably won’t forget anything.

To avoid stress, it is worth preparing it a few days earlier. Excessive last-minute obligations can be very stressful. It is advisable to check that everything you plan to take is in good condition. This applies particularly to clothing and footwear and other items that may require cleaning and drying before departure.

On the day of the last packing of luggage, prepare everything you need and concentrate it in one place, for example, on an unfolded bed.

Then categorize your stuff! This step will make it easier to unpack your suitcase and belongings. In the end, you are planning to stay away from home for some time. You can sort them by purpose (clothing, footwear, cosmetics, food, electronics, entertainment, etc.) or set other criteria. An exciting and practical solution is to divide the luggage according to the planned date of their use – you can create a separate container for each day.

Pack each category of goods in a separate material bag! Don’t forget to mark them as wrapped in the list you created!

Always place the heaviest items on the bottom of the suitcase (shoes, cosmetics) and lighter and delicate items (clothing, jewelry) on top. Don’t forget to pack a luggage organizer and accessories that will be useful to you as soon as you arrive at your destination. This way, you avoid unpacking the entire contents of the suitcase quickly.

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What Type of Luggage Should you Choose

There are many types of travel luggage to choose from, but which type is the best? If you travel a lot, it is best to choose a suitcase which has hard shell. If you have seen how the workers at airports treat your luggage, it should be clear that the treatment isn’t the best.

To help you safe time, here is a list of luggage/suitcases which we recommend to use:

1) Briggs & Riley Sympatico Hardside International Spinner: Carry on/Checked

2) Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable: Carry on/Checked

3) LEVEL8 Elegance: Carry on/Checked

4) American Tourister Belle Voyage Hardside: Carry on/Checked

5) Travelpro Platinum Elite Hardside Expandable: Carry on/Checked

Store More Objects Inside Your Luggage

Always check what type of suitcase you can take with you. If you are packing a bag for an airplane, check the restrictions imposed by the airline. Check what dimensions and weights cannot exceed your luggage. This applies to both in-flight checked baggage and cabin baggage. (Be careful! This information varies by airline.)

Packing tips and tricks

Take just what you use every day! Avoid packing things assigned to the “if anything” and “just in case” categories! Suppose you are not going to travel away from civilization. In that case, you can easily buy something on the spot if you are missing some essentials.

Check the equipment that is offered at the place of planned accommodation! This may allow you to avoid unnecessarily carrying heavy or space-intensive objects like towels.  

Use the mini version of the products! This advice concerns the transfer of full-size cosmetics into smaller containers and the use of miniature versions of various equipment during the trip (mini dryer, hair iron, hairbrush, mini iron, etc.)

Choose multi-purpose cosmetics (3in1, 2in1) and cosmetics for make-up in versatile colors!

Try to choose such clothes for the trip so that you can combine individual sets and create new variants! You will get more clothing by choosing muted clothes in similar or matching colors. Avoid packing clothes sets that you will only be able to wear once!

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Packing Clothes in a Suitcase

We have also prepared some tips for packing clothes for you. Use them and enjoy the perfect look during trips!

Use the packaging method to minimize the creasing of clothes during transport – learn to roll up your clothes instead of folding them! It is worth mastering this skill and using it at home, not only when it is time to pack a suitcase, thanks to the option to store more clothes than usual.

Fill the whole suitcase! If the bag is only half full, its contents will move inside during transport. If you do not fill the entire bag, you will squeeze your clothes.

Don’t pack too many things in a suitcase – rolling clothes in rolls will be useless if you start packing its contents or sitting on it so that you can close the zipper.

Do not place heavy things on the clothes, because they will crumple them – place heavier objects on the bottom of the suitcase, place clothes on them!

Choose Fabrics with less Tendency to Crease!

If you want to take your favorite shirts, think about buying a small iron or a portable clothes steamer! Thanks to the accommodation services, if you are traveling to a Hotel, this should not be a problem. It would be best to look up what services will be accessible to you after your arrival.

Packing a suitcase – you already know how to do it quickly and efficiently!

You already know how to pack a suitcase for a vacation or business trip quickly. Create your checklist, choose the perfect bag organizers, pack up and start enjoying your journey!

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