Free Grammar Checker should be used by everyone. Even more since the best one is for free. Everybody needs to write in English properly and without grammar mistakes. It does not matter if you are a native speaker or an English student. We all make mistakes when it comes to grammar. 

So, when you use English on a daily basis to work in written communication, translate, need to improve your writing skills or prepare for English exams, it is not entirely out of the question to use some grammar checker. 

I think there is just one option worth mentioning. It is GRAMMARLY.


The basic version of GRAMMARLY is completely free and all you need to do is register and download the program to your computer. “Grammarly for Chrome” and “Grammarly for MS Office” versions are available for free. The first of them is used for a speech written online, ie on Facebook, email, and the like. The second, it fixes everything you create in Microsoft Office.


The premium version offers a more advanced detector for detecting errors, suggestions for the use of more appropriate words, promises a stylistic sharpening of your speech, and in addition an internet survey to determine the originality of the text. When I read the results of extensive testing of the premium version, this feature performed excellently.

What can you get from this grammar checker?

This free grammar checker helps you improve all these problems with your English.  

1) Spelling

2) Grammar

3) Punctuation

4) Vocabulary richness

How to use Grammarly 

At first, you should install all extensions for Grammarly to your browser and Microsoft Word. You can recognize while it works because then you can see a small green “G” in the right corner of your browser or it just mark some word you did write badly and mark it. 

Why to use Grammarly

I think everybody can find a reason why to use this grammar corrector. I personally love it, I need it to write boring emails when I am not so concentrated on grammar. I just want to write it as fast as I can. I always check an email before I send it and sometimes I am wondered how many mistakes are in it. So I always practice with Grammarly and I am always thinking about my mistakes to avoid them in the future. 


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