If you want to create a great online store fast and easy, then a platform like Gumroad is definitely right up your alley. It’s fast, efficient, and as this Gumroad review will show, it’s actually a great introduction especially if you’re new and want to get started quickly. Here’s what you should know about Gumroad and whether this is a good option for you or not.

Gumroad features

During the Gumroad review process, we noticed that the platform is full of great features. For example, it has in-depth analytics that help you know your customers better. It also features email importing, as well as personalized landing pages for your product. You can also get license key generation for your software and multiple currencies are supported.

On top of that, you will be able to offer codes and also allow people to set their price. There are automatic order updates and rental sales, as well as address verification, even a membership system is in place. Add to that thing like checkout support, automating the workflow, preorder support and customizable SKUs as well as shipping charges, then you can see why Gumroad is ideal for selling things online. It works great and it definitely conveys a large range of value. 

Payment processing and pricing

As we went into the Gumroad review experience, we were very interested to see what payment systems are supported. Gumroad doesn’t really support that many online payment processors, with Skrill being a major one. Depending on what you sell on Gumroad, you usually don’t have to pay anything per month. Some competitors like Podia, Kajabi or Teachable lead to additional costs, if you go that route. So Gumroad is definitely better here.

However, Gumroad does take a fee per transaction, and it can range from 2.9% to 9% depending on what products you are selling. Unlike its competitors, the platform does support everything from memberships to courses, digital downloads, emails for customers and affiliate programs, which is not always the case for other similar platforms.

Fast shipping management

Shipping properly is crucial for customers, and you are automatically notified when the orders arrive. You can send tracking numbers to customers, set up alerts and verify addresses too. In this Gumroad review, for us the Gumroad shipping solution is definitely great and it makes the experience more comprehensive and professional than what you would expect.


During the Gumroad review process, we were impressed with the value and quality offered by this service. Gumroad is great, intuitive and despite being a lightweight solution, it’s reliable and very efficient. It’s one of those tools that everyone interested in selling things online may want to try out. While it’s mostly suitable for digital products, it does a very good job at delivering great support and efficiency. Test it out for yourself and you will surely enjoy the results and experience. 


  • Customizable widgets and checkout
  • Create coupons
  • Support for credit card and online payments
  • Membership/subscription support
  • Great interface


  • Integrations are limited
  • There’s no live chat
  • Services can’t be sold here
  • No advanced analytics
  • Knowledge base is limited

We hope we helped with this article with our Gumroad review for a beginning of a journey using this amazing website!

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