If you want to stand out in the online world, it’s very important to focus on organic reach and advertising as well. A good combination of organic reach and ads is able to bring you the exposure and growth you want, and results can indeed be incredible. Which does brings the question, are Facebook workplace competitors a good strategy right now? How do they compare with other advertising strategies? Let’s find out!

What online advertising strategies can you use?

One of the core advantages of online advertising is that you can easily choose from a plethora of unique ideas and strategies, the way you want. A very common advertising strategy comes in the form of sharing freebies with your audience, something that’s really convenient and engaging. This can be costly depending on the items you share, but it’s worth it.

Compare to Facebook workplace competitors, Podcasts are another great advertising venue too, and generally, the CPM per podcast is $25 on average. Of course, it depends on the ad length and company size, but also the podcast reaches. There are podcasts charging thousands of dollars per spot, but they have hundreds of thousands of millions of listeners. Blubrry is a good platform for hosting your podcast, as it connects them to the other platforms online.

Another way you can advertise is via ebooks and courses. Creating an ebook can cost anywhere from $200 to $5000 or more, depending on the length, graphics and other work that goes into it. Courses can be even more expensive, especially if you need specialized equipment, not to mention editing can be costly too. 

Are Facebook competitors ads better than organic reach?

Organic reach is helpful since it allows you to optimize your website, create content and connect with new customers naturally. However, the problem here is that it can take a very long time to reach customers organically. That’s why investing in the right Facebook workplace competitors, can be a much better idea. You can also invest in TikTok advertising and reach many users under 30, not to mention you can start using the Taboola platform which is great for advertising too.

The reason why Facebook workplace competitors are great is that you can target the audience of your competitor and connect with them inadvertently. What that also means is that you can lower advertising costs, while targeting the right people that will buy your product. It really is the best of both worlds, and it helps bring in an extraordinary result. 

Which is the ideal option?

We think that Facebook workplace competitors are a viable strategy because you are targeting an audience that is already looking for your services and products.

A great option as Aweber has a simple user interface that runs email marketing and also you can target your audience an It is not only a platform for email marketing, Aweber has it all, as well you can build a free website, buy a domain and create paid ads and landing pages, publish social media posts and many more.

You just have to target them with the right advertising and that means you get to grab the attention of people that would otherwise go to your competitor. It’s helpful since it saves you money, and you have fast results. 

Some SEO for Facebook competitors

Voluum for tracking and optimizing your facebook ads

With Voluum you can track, optimize & automate your advertising, all in one! They also boast constant updates and improvements, so you won’t be bored or left behind. 

You will be able to use reliable server–to–server postbacks to get conversion data, distinguish between various conversion types and even pass them to your traffic source, determine which ad variation, lander, or offer brought you conversions and effortlessly optimize your campaign flows for even more.

Other strategies like courses, ebooks or just waiting for SEO results can work, but Facebook workplace competitors are very attractive because they convey great results and you also get to stick to a smaller budget if you want. It’s certainly an idea you should take into consideration!

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