If you want to create a blog easily and quick, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will find all the information you need to create your first blog step by step. With these tips you will also know about how blog make money and get the benefits out of it!

What kind of blog should I create?

The first thing you should know is that there are two types of a platform where you can create your blog, and the choice between them should depend on your goal with it;

The first one is free and allows you to open a blog quickly, although it will look less professional. The second option is paid and it will take longer to customize, but in return, you will access a professional result with the possibility of making money with your blog.

how blog make money

Free platforms

The free platforms are designed for amateur bloggers who simply want a place on the Internet to write for themselves or their friends and family.

They are free because they host your website on their own server infrastructure. But since these servers have a fixed capacity, they limit the functions of your blog.

The most popular are WordPress.com and SquareSpace. Creating a blog on one of these platforms is as simple as opening an account, choosing the name of your blog and writing articles.

On these platforms, there is the possibility of removing their name from your address, but you will have to pay between 15 and 20 euros per year to do and will remain hosted on their server, so you will still have the issue of limitations.

Hosting and domain

There are many companies specializing in hosting. Since you start paying them, they offer you much more freedom than with free servers. Years ago, WordPress had with his own hosting the small barrier of entry an installation that could be something technical and ungrateful to some people, but today is over. Apart from being free code (without any cost) and forming a very powerful platform, it has a giant ecosystem of extensions on the platform with templates and plugins, free and paid.

Another option for domain is Godaddy is a leading web hosting provider taking a big piece of the market share of this industry. It has a modern and easy to use interface to learn about how to create a blog and make money with it. Free domain is included and the servers are located in the US, Europe, and Asia. It’s a fast and reliable server performance and regular prices start at $2.99/mo for shared web hosting. It’s a very average industry price. 

There’s a ton of options for all kinds of users and websites. Prices are actually average except for VPS hosting – it’s cheap. But if you’d look at server resources, every plan includes a lot. More than what other average-priced hosts are offering.

Define your audience for the blog

You can start a blog simply because you want it for personal satisfaction or you can do it with a specific goal, like making money with it.

Above all, in the second case, it is essential to clarify your ideas on the topic of your blog and analyze the feasibility of your idea. People are becoming more and more interested in those blogs who look more personal, small and have close experiences. So if you’re thinking about getting started don’t forget to be professional but in a personal way including photos of yourself, stories and unique things that make a connection with the user.

Wanting to create a blog if you don’t have in mind what you want to do is useless. Look for what you can bring to others, what are the advantages of starting this adventure and why. Believe in the content you generate and you will have followers who will want to read you very often.

Importance of video and photo

As the data speed increases, the demand for video and audio from users increases. Text is no longer enough and the platforms are already adapted to support all configurations. 

Don’t forget to use different formats to make your new blog more original and attractive. There is many platforms where you can edit your photos and videos but we recommend using Canva or Adobe Photoshop as they have many benefits and the most powerful and recognized editing softwares in the world.

Optimize for SEO

If you pay too much attention to the SEO of your website, the more technical aspects such as the server, look for more visits at all costs, graphics…etc you will lose the focus of your work. Creating a successful blog means that you have to focus on what you are good at. If you’re a writer focus on your stories, if you’re an innovator focus on finding new ideas.

Ubersuggest and paid, but very powerful as SEMrush.

Run social media campaigns

If you want to run social media campaigns, with Voluum you can track, optimize & automate your advertising, all in one! Voluum is one of our favourites, it is super easy to use and also has a free course and some tutorials to learn online.

If you want your campaigns to run smoothly and efficiently regardless of the geo, then you eventually need a trustworthy VPN. Investing in a good privacy service might be a good idea even if you’re just starting in the field.

NORDVPN is the solution that supports every operation system, runs encrypted extensions on Chrome and Mozilla, and allows you to enjoy privacy from multiple devices.

The path is not simple, but with these latest trends in mind, it won’t be as difficult as starting from scratch. And if you have decided, welcome to the world of blogs!

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