New social media platform for artist

If you are already and artist or are you have a hidden talent that you’d like to share to the world, CrowningArts is the perfect place to do it. It is a new social media platform that helps artists from all backgrounds to elevate their talents online. Crowning Arts uses photography, painting, drawing, fashion and many more to get you to a journey of freedom and empowerment so you can express the masterpieces already placed deep within your DNA!

How does it work?

As an innovative social media platform “Made by artists for artists”, you have to first create an account, you can join with Facebook, Google or Apple and if not you can create it with a new mail.

Once you create your account, you will see on the menu “My profile” where you can connect it to your social networks and have access to your post. Creating a profile is super easy you can trade or share your artwork and join investors & institutions.

new social media platform

With the first option: CrowningArt you can publish the best of your artwork, you can ask Judges, who are really working, professional artists from around the world, to rank your art. This will make your art rise on the discover page.

The second option: Latest Post you will be able to upload your content in different ways and Select the Category that fits more on you. There is plenty of categories such as Body Art, Music, Film, Writing, Performance, Design…etc

Once you uploaded it you can create an opportunity and you can choose the option that you’re looking for.

On the main menu, you can choose whether for Art or People as well as the category, if you click on the ART menu this will lead you to an art wall where you can see all the post from the relevant artist and each one will have the option to give a like (heart) or a comment and the judgements received.

new social media platform

If you choose People instead you will be able to see all the judges, artists, Institutions and partners to Follow , Ask for judgment or Contact them. This is such a great option as there are many judges for every category that will give you your advice!

new social media platform

The social media platform is a unique system consisting of many verified professionals in each field, called Judges. They have the unique ability to rate the work of other users by using crowns. This makes them rise to the top of the platform, allowing the most authentic artworks to receive recognition.


The Art Chart works like an auction, there are people from around the world who share their works and you can see the likes and crowns by the judges as well as the price of the piece of art or anything they’re sharing on the platform. Thanks to a special filter, you can easily find out the location of artists or individual contributions in specific countries, art categories, or according to evaluation criteria. Get to the forefront and your success in the ArtChart will surely make you famous!

The Charity space is made for actions created by any person who wants to do a donation for charity associations. Raise money for charities, if you add it to your profile on the social media platform, you will enable the priority judgement feature. Artists will be allowed to donate to your selected charities. You will have to complete these priority judgements within 30 days.

In order to donate, you need to have a CrowningArt set up, which you can create from any your post. Then choose the charity you want to support. Finally, you need to select a judge who will judge your CrowningArt using a priority judgement.

Join an extensive community and database of Artists, Art Lovers, Institutions or Investors from around the world and ENTER THE WORLD OF ART!

CrowningArts is the one and only internet social media platform and mobile application that includes all art categories in one place! Let your art be heard and trade or share your artwork, create or find opportunities and search fast with clever filters. Take advantage of unique opportunities and ask our Judges to evaluate your work with just one click. You automatically enter the ArtChart world competition and see how you and other artists are doing by rating or popularity. Art is not what you see, but what you make another see!

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