Do you know how smart home works? Have you ever thought about the so-called smart household? Do you want to turn on the heating in the house, even if you are only sitting on a plane from Thailand? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your smart home? Let’s explain this concept and dispel some of the myths that are passed on about smart homes.


A smart home can mean controlling the whole house, or just a few parts, using a few buttons or even from a smartphone. All devices are controlled by the central control unit, which sends instructions to and from the devices. So how smart home works? It is easy.

You need a special control unit. This product is capable of controlling a wide range of devices. Whether it’s heating, locking, but also measuring the pH in the pool, committing it or controlling the mower in the garden along with irrigation. He can do a lot! If you do not want to control only with a smartphone, you can buy a button in the room, which you will control manually.

This unit will know about each smart appliance what it is doing, whether an error has occurred or since when it should be switched on.


What can I connect to that central control unit? You could say that there is almost no wrong answer, almost everything. If you want to relieve your worries, you can turn on all appliances remotely, whether it’s a washing machine, coffee maker, robotic vacuum cleaner or dryer. How smart home works? You can also set the lighting, but also the heating, security cameras and it may sound unrealistic, but also the locking of individual household doors. This feature would certainly be appreciated by those who often forget or remember at work or lock the door when leaving the house.


If you have a sauna or swimming pool in the house, you can also coordinate these things. Turn on and adjust the color of the lights in the sauna and come to your home wellness for a moment of relaxation. The pool does not only have to heat the pool, but also the maintenance of the pool. Yes this is how smart home works. It is perfect.

However, it is not a problem to turn on the mower or water the lawn remotely. The house can work even though you are on vacation for a week. On arrival you will not have a lot of work, the house will do itself for the time you relax on vacation. You can also turn on the music remotely or use smart sockets, which will show you the power consumption on your mobile phone, and if there is a short circuit, you will see at what time it occurred. The connection of these appliances works via the Internet, Wi-fi, Bluetooth. How smart home works? Mainly, it saves you time.

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