Promoting your business for free and making it grow just by posting videos? Increasing your conversion rate and being able to qualify it? Keep reading to get to know how to promote business on Tiktok. If you ended up here most probably are interested in diving deeper into TikTok´s magic! 

Chinese people know how to keep users watching and coming back, actually, TikTok was the world’s most downloaded up during March 2020. 

So, whether you are a small business, a big company or you are working on your Branding, you are in the right place to increase your traffic. There are different strategies to create engagement. Creating content is not easy, and the key is to follow quality instead of quantity. The conversion rate or engagement is a really important KPI ( Key Performance indicator) that shows the interaction of your audience, and so, when creating content you must understand the analytics to qualify if your content is adequate.  

Ways to create engagement content

  • Tell a story and connect with your ideal consumers or users. Consumers like to hear real stories, get emotional, share real experiences of your employees, clients, or even how did u start your business.  
  • Create great content with intent, so you need to know your purpose for making those videos and target your audience based on the goals for the content.

Personal Branding

It refers to the narrative around how others perceive you, based on different areas of expertise ( personality, influence, experience, etc..) this is not new, actually personal Branding has been around forever but the difference, is that the only way to do that back in the past, was by showing yourself or socializing and nowadays one post on Tiktok can go viral and introduce yourself to the masses, even with a low amount of followers. 

A big example of personal branding could be Tony Robbins who is a motivational speaker and “life coach”. He uses TikTok to share inspirational videos of his seminars He uses social media to spread his knowledge and at the same time to build his branding. As a motivational speaker, he writes books, creates financial events for entrepreneurs, wealthy people, and business owners and thanks to apps like TikTok has created a community of users and people who would pay even a couple of thousand dollars to attend any of his seminars.

Post videos to grow your brand

Tiktok algorithm place the content in front of people who may be interested in your brand. ( Other social media apps requires to pay to make targeted ads)

  • Tiktok offers free courses for Business, so you can learn for free. 
  • Tiktok is not just for dancing, and the best example to show is that they use viral dances to grow its own brand. 

Find your audience

As well as for personal branding or businesses you have to find your audience on the platform and research for your competitors. You must open a business account on Tiktok to get access to your analytics account. Once you figure it out you, need to create your own videos. You don’t need professional videos, start recording with your phone, add filters and music. If you choose the right song, you can go viral for being trendy.

Brands use TikTok to engage with consumers through short lip-sync videos. If you are shy you don’t have to record yourself, you can also record voice and show videos or pictures. 

Big Worldwide companies are using TikTok to boost organic reach, promote their business drive meaningful traffic, and share a unique brand personality. “The Washington Post” entertains its almost 1 million followers by posting educational sketches, and by using the company’s TikTok guy to make videos explaining the news easily and funnily providing extra value to the users. 

Gymshark is a fitness brand that has more than 2.5 million followers on TikTok and creates content from sharing hilarious fitness memes to silly workout challenges.

Gymshar TIktok

Best ways to grow your followers and promote your business

It has been said that if you want to know how to promote your business on Tiktok it’s super important to identify your target audience to create videos with intent. However, it is also crucial to add the following practices to get more followers. 

– Educate your followers: as said, use TikTok to create engaging and educational content and make their lives easier. 

  • Create trendy content and add popular music to your videos
  • Use the right Hashtags: Relevant hashtags give you the ability to show your content to a huge audience. Hashtags are a great way of making your content more findable and engaging.
  • Upload videos at the perfect time: the best time is when your audience is more likely to be online.
  • Post your content on another social network and engage with other TikTok creators 

Make sure you create videos with information you might be interested in as if you were a user, don’t be shy: TikTok is going to make you grow as well as your brand on marketing so let your creativity flow.

You learn by doing, do not expect to be perfect in your first video, JUST KEEP GOING! 

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