Ideas for office design after lockdown

Ideas for Personal Office design

Reinvent your individual space

Here is list of ideas for your personal office design that might help your workflow while you have a home office. Today, the importance of having a working space tailored to your needs is greater than ever.  The post-Covid working areas need to be ready to provide you with room for productive and efficient remote work. Consider adding a comfortable chair, some refreshments, and accessories that help you keep focused such as timers, white noise machines, and even calming or motivational artwork.

Your first thought may be redesigning your living room area to function as an office. This might work very well for you some days just as it is, with all of the comforts of home. However, working in this space will disrupt the home/work balance that is essential. Instead, consider what elements of this area help you work and which ones help you relax. Perhaps you can divide these components by creating a corner office in your home, separating your personal and professional space.

Many professions have adapted seamlessly to remote work. Likewise, many individuals love the benefits of remote work, such as no commute and a better balance between professional time and personal time.  This is all great, but the element of collaboration is missing out. 

New technologies can be useful in these crazy times, but video calls and sharing documents sometimes create distance between certain people. All of us will need to adapt to interact and cooperate with people. Even if the situation gets more normal, the positions divided as remote workers and office workers will stay.

Currently the position of happiness manager that will help people stay focused on their work while staying happy is one of the key positions at a company.  Also the position of IT specialist will become more and more essential as a greater number of people will need support to set up their computers for remote work and video meetings.

Add something to get your body moving

Keeping active is a critical part of life, so redesign your home office to accommodate exercise equipment.  Why not add some tools that will keep your energy going?  If you have the space, consider buying some weights, or an exercise bike or treadmill.  You can use these during those otherwise-lost moments of waiting for a call or as you take a break between tasks.  They can also help you refresh your mind when you are feeling overloaded with information or requests, and keep you clear-headed as you get back to work.

Standing desks are also a good choice to help your body move.  Changing positions as you work can help you feel less strain on your body during long working hours.  A standing desk or kneeling chair can also help your spine stay straight, which is healthy day-by-day but also in the long-term.  These subtle additions can help you maintain the health of your body and mind throughout your working day. 

Ideas for Common Office design

Add more tech to help you keep things clean

In today’s world, it is necessary to keep in mind that bacteria and viruses are everywhere.  Adding some smart technologies to the common office can help you overcome this problem.  For example, many smart technologies allow employees to go about their usual working day while refraining from making unnecessary physical contact with office equipment. Smart coffee makers, photocopiers, and lighting can be operated via your desktop computer or app.

Redesign the interior of the office

Ideas for office design after Covid focus on good ways to help keep everything clean. Offices can be kept cleaner by avoiding unnecessary contact but also by allowing for more space between people.  Add couches, armchairs, and tables so social distancing won’t be a bigger problem than it needs to be. When spreading furniture apart is impossible, think creatively about how to divide the space you have.  Thin walls and partitions can help to separate a space temporarily, while bookshelves and other tall and wide furniture can help to subdivide working areas and keep people from being too close together.  Also consider rethinking who uses which spaces.  Perhaps a large conference room is really best used by a small or medium-sized group who can share the space but still socially distance, while meetings for a large number of attendees are best held on Zoom, Teams, or Google Meets.

Even though many companies will continue to have employees working from home, having appropriate office spaces available for them can be a big deal!  People need to know that there is still a friendly workspace for them at your company.  

Data selection

As more remote employees will be sharing a lot of data, the importance of keeping track of what is important for you is essential. Divide this information by using software that can make this task more manageable. Incorporate a management instrument that will help you keep track of your tasks and see how your productivity will increase. Use multiple folders according to each project, so you have a clean selection of data files and so you have a solid structure of your data. 

Prepare for further remote work  

Even as the spread of coronavirus decreases, the reality of increased remote work is here to stay. Therefore, investing in software and hardware that helps one to adapt to this new environment is critical. To keep track of your company’s workflow, make use of the many apps and programs that enable everyone to see what each team member is working on, when they will have it ready, and what prerequisite tasks are still needed. Programs like TeamViewer allow managers to track what everyone is working on, whether they are in the office, across town, or living and working in another time zone.

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