Education as a field that in the past few years has faced some major changes. It is evident that this activity has been around for centuries, but the alterations that have taken place in the past few years have changed this field completely. Education is absolutely crucial for all people. It makes us knowledgeable in many areas, and it gives us the ability to think critically. That is why we are constantly under the process of education. Not only do we learn at schools, but we also learn with experiences that we face throughout our lives. Education enables us to see the world from a different perspective and allows us to form opinions and perspectives towards all matters.

Education can be rigorous, stressful, and not very comprehensible at times, but if it’s taught and learned in a healthy way, it has immense advantages. Most students currently see their school subjects as an obligation, when instead they should be seen as fun, and interesting. Many of these perspectives towards school are based around the methods that these institutions lead, and the actions their conductors take.

Nowadays, with the technological developments, our society has been facing, sooner or later this system will be changed. It is possible that its essence will remain the same, but the methods will be drastically different. If we think about it deeply teaching methods have remained the same for many years. Whilst almost all sectors have evolved alongside technology, and mentalities, the school has remained untouched. For some people, this is seen as a good thing, whilst for others, it couldn’t be worse.

Currently, we are starting to see a shift happening in this area, indeed. Therefore, if you’re interested in learning a bit more about education, and comparing two main methods, then this article is perfect.

Historical context

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As mentioned previously, education has been around for a really long time. This activity dates back to prehistory, where older men members of a community would teach the younger people various things, consider the active time important, and valuable. If we think about it in a very objective way the educational essence is to teach valuable information, that’ll contribute to the development of various assets. These assets will make people, not only understand the surrounding environment but also have a perspective on it. It is evident that with the passing of the times education developed.

Initially, this activity was based on people passing valuable information to the younger generations, but then it became an actual institution with theoretical priorities, and students divided by age. For a long period of time, education could only be accessed by people with honorable titles, and power. It was also only made for the male sex. Women were to be taught how to become wives, and mothers. Later on, school started to become more open, in regards to the students that were accepted, and, even later, it became mandatory.

Independently of the evolution that school had, its primary cause has remained the same for the last centuries, and that is teaching. If you think about it in a very objective way, even now, when we go to school, this institution’s main priority is to teach individuals various things. All the way from math, biology, and chemistry, to literature, and history.

Thereby, as you can see, the evolution of the educational process dates back for many centuries, however, one of its fundamental pillars has remained the same.

Online education

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As mentioned previously, in the past months teaching methods have changed quite a bit. with the appearance of COVID-19, people had to be inside their homes, consequently, individuals could not go to school. therefore, this outdated sector had to adapt itself to the current situation, which, at the time, seemed absolutely unparalleled. thereby, online classes started to take place.

As you can probably tell, having classes at school and at home can be quite different, so this adaptation process took quite some time. a big question that is being raised is: Is online education the future? people seem to have variable opinions, however, nobody can deny that with this pandemic many schools upgraded their digital activities. Consequently, we can state that the pandemic has provided a technological boost for most of these institutions.

As most things, online classes had a lot of advantages, but they also had a few disadvantages. in regards to the topic about online education, people seem to either love it or hate it. If you are able to remain focused, online education can be more comfortable, however, if you get easily distracted, then learning online might not be the best option. People seem to have missed socializing and being with other people, which, obviously school brought. Therefore, if you are a more communicative person then online classes might not have been the most ideal time. Again, it all comes down to preferences and aspects that people seem to value.

Pros and Cons

As mentioned previously, both online and offline education methods have its advantages and disadvantages.  

Online education


  • It’s more comfortable;
  • It usually works better for introverted people;
  • If you are able to concentrate easily, then you might end up being more productive;
  • Various people have ended up developing some skills (digital/technological);
  • It usually gives you flexibility, in regards to your location;
  • People use their time more efficiently, and objectively, without the various distractions you receive in your usual workspace.


  • If you’re someone who is very communicative, and outgoing, this method usually isn’t a good fit;
  • People tend to spend less time socializing;
  • The increased time you spent in front of the screen, can result in headaches;
  • Usually, older people tend to have various difficulties, in regards to the use of technology, which this method obliges;
  • This method, usually, tends to not be a great solution for people who have a harder time concentrating, and who aren’t self-disciplined, and motivated;
  • Technological issues may be an obstacle in your process of learning.

Presencial education


  • All of us are more used to it;
  • It works better for people who are more outgoing, and communicative;
  • Technological issues, usually, don’t come in the way;
  • It’s better for people who aren’t self-disciplined, due to the presence of a teacher;
  • You get to interact more with other people’s perspectives, and knowledge, which can be better for learning.


  • People who are more introverted may have a harder time;
  • Technological skills are, usually, not developed;
  • You don’t have locational flexibility;
  • It is less comfortable, when in comparison to online education;
  • People, sometimes, tend to be less productive.

Tools for online education

When it comes to online education, it’s important to have fuel tools, which will help you make this process more fluid, efficient, and enjoyable. An educational tool has a teaching or a learning purpose, therefore, it can be used by both teachers and students.


A great tool you can use is Quizizz. Quizizz is an online platform that allows its users to create various quizzes, that other people on the platform do. Therefore, if you’re a teacher, you can create various exercises that your students can do. Consequently, you will be giving them the possibility to engage with the content in a digital way, which will make this experience probably more enjoyable.


Another great tool, which has received a lot of recognition is Edmodo. Edmodo is a platform that enables teachers and students to connect with one another. On this phenomenal platform, as a teacher, you can create assignments, give some feedback, share information, and connect directly with your students, and manage your class in a digital way. As a student, overall, you get a completely digitalized learning experience.

Online platforms with courses

When it comes to platforms in which you can learn various skills, there are a few which you must consider. Of course, some of these online platforms give you certificates that validate your knowledge, whilst others simply exist with the intention of only giving you the opportunity to learn something new.

When it comes to platforms that give you certificates that are valuable, there are a few which you must have in mind.


In regards to platforms that give you valuable certificates, Teachable is undoubtedly one of the best ones out there. it’s an online platform that enables you to acquire vast knowledge in various areas, through the courses provided.

For the price you pay, in order to receive certificates for the courses you have taken, I can tell you it’s incredibly worth it. With these certificates, employers are guaranteed that the knowledge you have acquired comes from a platform that was created by some of the best universities in the world.

LinkedIn Learning

Another great platform to acquire certificates is LinkedIn Learning. Again, on this platform, you can take various courses, and, consequently, acquire various certificates. Although you have to pay to use the app, these can be very worth it (plus, you even have a free trial). Therefore, if you want to develop your skills, I would suggest taking some courses that are related to your sector or interest. This will increase your credibility, which might give you various job opportunities.

Learn just for the skill


If you’re looking for a platform to simply acquire more knowledge, then I recommend Skillshare. Skillshare is an online space where you can take various classes, created by knowledgeable professionals. This platform has received a lot of attention in the past few years, due to its efficiency, quality, and value provided. Although this is a paid platform, you have a free trial experience. This free trial enables you to understand if this platform is really worth your use. For the price you pay, Skillshare couldn’t be more phenomenal. It’s quick, efficient, intuitive, it provides phenomenal knowledge on various topics, and it’s easy to digest.

Final thoughts

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In conclusion, education is incredibly important. This activity has evolved immensely in the last few centuries, but its importance still remains. It is important for all of us to be knowledgeable in various areas. This knowledge will enable us to choose wisely the area in which we are more interested, which is an incredibly advantage. With digitalization, we now find ourselves able to learn through courses provided by incredible platforms. Therefore, we can confidently state that education is now starting to take some steps in the technological territory. Consequently, you can now learn from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a laptop, and internet connection. Therefore, you can maximize your knowledge thoroughly. Thereby, if you want to learn there has never been a more perfect time. Education gives us many tools that are very much valued in the world. It´s one of our biggest assets.

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