SEMRUSH is one of the most used SEO tools in the market, but using it can be a little bit difficult for beginners as it has many different ways to use it. So we decided to create this post to help you learn about this complete platform and take the advance of this Semrush Tutorial for beginners!

What is SEMRUSH?

SEMRUSH started around 2008 and since then it’s been growing nonstop, not only as a tool itself but also as a platform where you can learn about SEO and use it for your business.

It even has SEMRUSH Academy which is where they offer free digital marketing courses, they have over 500.000 tutorials and it has been recognized by the search community across the globe, winning several accolades as the best SEO software suite.

In their courses, you’ll be taught directly by leading digital marketing experts, including Greg Gifford, Ross Tavendale, and Bastian Grimm.

They also have webinars and there is a blog where they publish frequently many tips about SEO.

1. Step choosing a Domain for begginers

So let’s start with this Semrush Tutorial for Beginners: Choosing a Domain is basic when you start using SEMRUSH. The data that you will see is related to visibility, social networks, mentions of your brand, backlinks and traffic. So you will be able to see how things are working in all your domains.

Once you select the domain you want to inspect, you will get to a screen like this:

You will have to configure one by one all the connections you want to obtain information from. Some of them will require synchronising with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

The menu on the left side on the first picture is the menu where you will be able to navigate and see everything in detail.


This is where you will find the SEO panels, screens with summaries and graphics of each of your projects.

Each project has its own SEO panel so, what in other tools is called «Add project» or «Create new project», in SEMRush it is «New SEO panel»


· Domain overview – In this widget you will have a graph with your visibility and a top of your main keywords and the position they occupy. A full overview of a domain and its online visibility, and see the markets where a domain has the leading representation, you will also be able to discover the top keywords that bring the most traffic from the organic and paid channels. Compare organic and paid performance of a domain in different countries and

· Traffic analytics – Here you can see any company’s online performance with website traffic analysis. You will be able to check competitor traffic metrics. You can compare website statistics side by side, analyze up to 100 sites at once from your custom list and track web traffic in terms of visits, unique visitors, and user engagement.

· Organic Research – This channel will help you explore your rivals’ keyword ranking and view their landing pages displayed in the SERPs for a given keyword. You can also find organic domains competitors and find out which new keywords helped your competitors enter the Google or Bing top 20.

· Keyword Gap – In the Keyword Gap you will be able to find a full analysis of your keyword with keywords of your competitors. You can specify up to 5 domains, subdomains, folders or exact URLs. Get a list containing all common and unique keywords they rank for. You will also be able to you switch between the keywords for organic, paid search, and PLA. Mix the types, see how they intersect and assess your SEO and PPC efforts.

· Blacklink Gap – This is a simple way to see how many external links you gain and lose every day. You’ll receive a list of domains to target in your link-building campaigns.

Once you have entered SEMRush and accessed the SEO panel of the domain that applies more to your interest, take you will be able to use it and see the full reports of those functions that you want to examine in more detail.

3. Keyword research on Semrush

Now that you know how to navigate the SEO panel, we are going to start looking at the most important tools that SEMRUSH offers you to improve your positioning.

This tool is perfect as allows you to analyze a single keyword or include several and do a joint study of all of them.

Keyword Overview

Here you can enter you keywords up to 100 and will be able to analyze them by country.


In the first part of the panel, you can see the volume of searches in the country you choose as well as the difficulty to position and its CPC. You can also check the search trend in the SERPs and detect possible seasonality.

Keyword magic tool

The good thing about this tool is that once you have enter a domain you will receive a list of related keywords along with some information of interest, amazing isn’t it?

You can see Volume, KD, Intent, CPC, Competitors..etc

Keyword Manager

With this tool you will be able to collect your favorite keywords from across Semrush. Save your findings, get fresh metrics, and export your findings into an XLSX or CSV file or other Semrush tools.

This is perfect because you will save them in de database and be able to come back anytime to see how it works.

Position Tracking

This tool is perfect to check your website and see how is the position on every device and location, the visibility per hours or days, the Diff, Improved Keywords, And all the updated.

From this link you will get to the tool that directly shows you the opportunities to find external links for your project.

There, based on the keywords and the competitors you have selected, either manually or using the data from SEMRush itself, you will also find a list with all the URLs in which there is content related to your domain.

  • Monitor any domain’s link-building progress
  • Spot new backlinks
  • Get informed when backlinks are deleted
  • View data on new and lost backlinks for a specific time period
  • Filter to see only lost or new backlinks
  • Find the date when a backlink appeared or when it was lost
  • Get data on lost domains and anchors (coming soon)

All of these stuff plus you will be able to compare your and your competitors’ backlink profiles and link-building progress.


With this local SEO tool you can update your business name, address, and phone number across all listings from one place. Perfect for Semrush Tutorial for Beginners and make sure your customers can always find you with listings in 70+ top directories in the United States and 40+ around the world. You can connect your Google Business Profile to sync your data with Facebook and local listing


This tool is perfect for the campaigns and you will be able to discover the tools that will help you plan, analyze and improve all your Google Ads campaigns. This is very useful as you can gain insights into the audience targeted by your rivals in GDN.

Social Media

In this Semrush Tutorial for Beginners you will find this social media channel is perfect if you have social media connected with your website. It’s super easy to use it and it lets you program all your post in advance and connected to every social media platform.

It has social media tracker, analytics and also ads to control it.

Content Marketing SEO

It is really easy to use this tool and perfect for Beginners as serves to analyse your competitor content and give you ideas to create an optimized content. You just have to enter the keywords that you want to target with your content and they will analyse them and then give you some recommendations.

This tool is just a full performance overview for any website, you will get a an instant market overview: from top players to growth trends and automatically tracks your rivals’ moves: from new content to promo shifts.

As you can see Semrush has so many different options to increase your SEO for your business. In addition, it has a simple and intuitive interface thanks to which you can start working with the tool at full capacity from the first moment. We hope we helped you with this Semrush tutorial for beginners and you give it a chance! If you are also interested about affiliate marketing we recommend you to check the SEMRUSH’s affiliate marketing program.

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