Nowadays traveling by plane with kids is rising. It is not just because of work. It is also because of families. If you are forced to travel with your kids regularly, you must have JetKids by Stokke. Stoke JetKids Bedbox is a perfect airplane carry-on suitcase for kids. And do you know why this carry-on for kids is perfect? Because it gives more space for the airplane to your kid. Practically, with Stokke JetKids BedBox on board, your child’s airplane seat will be upgraded to business class.

Jetkids by Stokke – How it Works

This smart carry-on for children transport all necessary things and toys that you need to take for your kid; that is not the only thing that it does. You can easily turn your Stokke JetKids carry-on into a bed. When you are on board, you just store your JetKids by Stokke under the airplane seat, and then, after taking off just extend your child’s airplane seat. just turn the top of the suitcase. That’s it. Stoke JetKids BedBox has a built mattress with a fixed edge, so even when your child turns the airplane business seat into a playground, you do not have to lift all the toys from the ground.

jetkids by stokke
Jetkids by stokke

Usage and Features

Spacious interior to store essentials for your trip Items stay safe and accessible with top opening lid Front swivel wheels for better handling Multi-purpose adjustable strap allows BedBox to be carried or towed Top handle to hold the baby while driving For use on planes, trains, and ferries Versatile and convenient for most standard seats The lid and extension plate extend the seat and create a larger resting area The mattress and side panels create a comfortable space on the seat.

expandable luggage for kids

Jetkids Stokke – Packing

Jetkids Stokke BedBox gives you as much space as possible according to the mattress. This suitcase does not have any problem transporting the first aid kit for your child with all medium-sized toys and clothes for at least one week.

perfect carry on for kids

Carryon for kids at the Airport

Jetkids by Stokke is designed to help you everywhere. High-quality wheels with a perfectly shaped case give you an option to carry your kid on the top. It also has a rope that you can use to pull the Stokke JetKids BedBox with your child sitting on it.

Stokke Jetkids Bedbox on Board

OK, there is a limitation to using this perfect equipment for your kid. You can not use Stokke JetKids BedBox during the take-off and landing. But still, you can store it under the seat, and you do not have to stand up and store the suitcase in the storage compartment. Check the video tutorial right here.

stokke jetkids bedbox


I personally use Stokke JetKids on Board because of my journeys. I have to travel across two continents. I live in Central America. I have my company and employees based here, my wife has a business in Europe, and our families are also based in Europe. I was considering flying business, but it is too expensive for the three of us. Also, when you get extra large legroom in economy class, it is enough for my daughter and me. We can extend the seat enough to make it a bed for her.

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