Everybody who has to fly regularly dreams about flying by the best private jet or at least in business class. So let’s see how much money you need to buy one. This depends on how many passengers you want to carry and how far you need to fly.

HondaJet Elite – The Best Private Jet

Honda has introduced the evolution of its business jet. It’s called HondaJet Elite and brings several significant improvements compared to the previous HondaJet HA-420. Probably the most useful in this class is the already record range, extended by an impressive 396 km! It means that a single jet can cover 2661 km without refueling. Honda Aircraft Company also promises to reduce consumption and increase maximum speed and flight level. This makes the Honda jet the Best pocket Private Jet. In addition, the aircraft now needs a runway 120 m shorter than before. HondaJet will also carry 91 kg more cargo, thanks to the reduced weight of the plane. In addition, the new cab lining structure ensures better sound insulation. And last but not least, the offer has been expanded with new exterior paints.

Price: $5.25M

Range: 2 660 km 

Passengers: 4

Single Pilot 

Cirrus Vision Jet

The Cirrus Vision Jet, also known as the Cirrus Vision SF50, is unconventional in its concept, which, among other things, envisages that, unlike most business flights, the pilot will be the aircraft owner or a generally non-professional pilot. That is why its manufacturer also introduced a new category, Personal best private Jet, for the machine, which it places between high-performance piston aircraft and the Very Light Jet category. Cirrus Vision Jet is based on a piston series of proven technology based on carbon fibers, has a pressurized cabin, and is equipped with a rescue parachute system CAPS, which is not common among jets. According to the manufacturer, the range of the Cirrus jet is up to 2,200 km. The maximum cruising speed is over 550 km/h.

Price: $2M

Range: 2 200 km 

Passengers: 4

Single Pilot 

Cessna Citation Latitude

CESSNA CITATION LATITUDE is synonymous with the comfort of the best private jet. In addition to a spacious interior, capable of accommodating up to 8 passengers, it will also offer an ample luggage compartment with a capacity of 565 kilograms. Also impressive is the speed of the aircraft, which is 826 km / h, and the ability of a non-stop range of up to 5,000 kilometers when occupied by four people. To give you an idea: this is the distance from Geneva to Dubai or New York to Los Angeles.

Price: $11M

Range: 5 000 km 

Passengers: 8

Gulfstream G550

Gulfstream G550 is perfect for those who need transatlantic crossing by private jet. The airplane gives you enough space and has a range of 12,500 kilometers. This distance gives you plenty of options to travel by your best private jet without stopping. The aircraft has comfortable seats for 18 passengers and three temperature zones for a more pleasant flight. In addition to the luxurious environment, you can access high-speed internet during your flight for maximum comfort. You will be reliably online and high in the clouds. Thanks to the wireless connection, you can call family or friends or handle work emails. Gulfstream G550 is the best private jet you can buy for long distances.

Price: $61.5M

Range: 12 500 km 

Passengers: 18

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