In the last few decades, teachers and growth mentors have been telling the new generations that the jobs of future don’t necessarily exist today. Just 10 years ago the estimate was that 50% of the jobs of 2030 didn’t exist at this time. So if you are worried about the current job market or cannot find anything that sparks your interest, fret not, for we know only half of the story. And only a few might know what the jobs of the future may be. With this in mind, we have managed to scout a few up and coming jobs that have a very promising future and can lead to completely new disrupting industries.

Self driving car mechanic

While some might be disappointed that we are not commuting in flying cars as predicted in the 50s, we are on our way. We are currently dealing with de-carbonizing the automotive industry and that movement skyrocketed within the last 2 decades. We now have a solid e-car infrastructure and widespread use of them. This has now in turn made the car manufacturers take a closer look at self-driving cars as this would ensure more efficient and green driving. Once the self-driving technology is well established and implemented there will be a huge demand for mechanics specialized in these cars.  This will both be for the mechanical part of the car as well as the computer controlling the car. E-cars have fewer parts which in turn makes the job a lot easier for a mechanic but the technology used will, in turn, be new and requires experts. This is only a stepping stone on the way to flying cars, but for now, this industry and technology will do wonders for those looking for an interesting job in the automotive market.

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Telesurgeon job

Remarkable stories of telesurgeons have made the news but it is still far from being a normal branch within medicine. This job title is defined as a procedure performed on an inanimate trainer, animate model, or patient in which the surgeon is not at the immediate site of the model or patient being operated on. Basically, the doctor is remotely controlling a robot, which carries out the surgery. This can be groundbreaking in saving lives for there are many remote areas where it is hard to get the best doctors too as well as some zones or countries where their medics and surgeons are not skilled enough to carry out certain operations. Lives can be saved remotely and the skillset of a surgeon can reach anywhere. This job is not only changing the whole setup of surgery but also opening up a new market for private clinics.

Do you feel attracted to this job? Coursera is a portal that offers courses and degrees online sometimes for free and for reasonable prices. Take a look at this Global Master of Public Health (GMPH) offered from the Imperial College London.

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The idea that we can print food is bizarre to most but as the 3D printers evolve we have seen that the sky is the limit with their purposes. Houses are being built, boats constructed, mechanical parts produced and now we have a new contender which is food is actually being printed to be eaten. There is still a long way to go, but as we have seen with the other 3D printers, a lot of shared ideas and free easy to access designs are available. So it is only a matter of time before we start seeing user-created recipes that in turn can create highly acclaimed chefs. So if you think you have the right skill set but can’t cope with the stress of working in a kitchen, then this might be your way forward to give people that explosions of flavours you’ve been working on at home. 

Is it possible to print 3D at home even without a 3D printer? It is! In this course, Jason King teaches you to learn how to use 3D printing to invent, design and 3D print your own cool stuff, even without owning a 3D printer!

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Cheaf productivity officer

This job is not as new as we may think as it usually is covered in the quality departments and the quality agents do check in on this. But with the latest worldwide adaption to the coronavirus, we are working more at home and have less overview on how each employee is doing and how their efforts are working as well as how are the companies technological services living up to the customer’s wishes. This is why we soon enough will have Chief Productivity Officers in charge of maximizing and overseeing the agents and the companies technology’s services so that the company is reaching its business objectives. And before you think that this is a scheme to have every agent work at max capacity and slave away, it is important to think that more and more awareness is spread on having happy and content employees so it is also about ensuring employees wellbeing. 

Related to this job, this course is a complete productivity and time management course designed to help you reduce your overwhelm and increase your results.

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Organ creator

With the constant growth of our population, a serious problem follows suit. We all fall sick and when we need a new organ we have to sign up for a waiting list or find a voluntary person who will help the one in need. But the shortage of transplantable organs will, eventually, lead scientists to create organs and body parts from stem cells and other materials. Recruiters will be searching for candidates with a background in molecular biology, tissue engineering, or biomedical engineering. And if this interests you as well as the 3D printing industry, plenty of research and experiments have already been carried out on printing organs. Check this TED talk out if you are interested in more:

Rewilder job

And at last, to finish off with a job of the future that might require less skill or at least do not have the lives of others in their hands, we suggest a rewilder.  This job might come as a surprise to some as it can be considered what some individuals do in their free time, but this will soon enough be a full-time profession. These are the radical transformers who will potentially turn a concrete jungle into a green belt. Rewilders will focus on undoing the blight of two centuries of the industrial revolution, replacing ageing factories and unneeded buildings, roads, and fences with forests and native species. Rewilders will likely have a background in agriculture, wildlife management, and environmental science. So if you like plating trees in your free time, it just might be a highly attractive skillset of the upcoming future. 

Do you like the idea? Plant evolution, soil capillary gaps action,geotropism & gravitropism with plants,plant life and so on!!! They are all discussed inside this course.

As the future is already here, you might be interested in having a smart home, check out our last post and get some ideas for it.

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