If you want to start building your smart home, which accessories should you begin with? You have a lot of choices, but in this article, let’s focus on the essentials that will make you like smart home products. These smart home accessories have controls in your smartphone and allow you to remotely control some parts of your home. One of the most significant upgrades from regular products is laziness. It enables you to manage your home by app or by amazon Alexa.

Smart home products to start with

Sengled Smart Light Bulbs

First on the list is a smart light bulb, and let me tell you, you will be surprised. One would think that there is nothing more to develop in-home lightning, but the convenience of having the controls directly in your smartphone is impressive. I started using smart lights in my home a year ago, and I would never go back to standard lights. 

You can control a color palette and brightness setting so that you can go from full-on daytime to a cozy home in seconds. You can start by changing with just some of the bulbs to smart ones, but every bulb will get changed once you do so. And that comes from a personal experience.

Mini Smart Plug

When it comes to the second smart home product, you can go for a smart socket. It is the perfect partner to the light bulb and allows you to control individual sockets in your home remotely from your smartphone. If you are the type of person who forgets to turn things off before leaving home, as I am, you will appreciate you can turn off the socket remotely and don’t worry anymore. Thanks to these, I saved multiple trips back home, and I will continue to buy them to make my life easier. 

Ring Video Doorbell

Ring video doorbell is an alternative solution to your usual song with a visitor at the door. Now you can look at who arrived at your home from your smartphone. But it is more than just a doorbell because Ring video doorbell also records security video footage you can use to show to the police if something shady happened in front of your house. You can speak to your guests by phone also, and that is useful in many situations. I can recommend this investment just from the updated security your home gets.

Arlo Technologies Wireless Security Camera System

Next smart home product is also a security benefit to your home. The home security camera is something you think isn’t helpful until you regret you haven’t had one. Maybe you have a home in a safe environment, but if you are going away for some time, you cannot be sure that nothing happens in your absence. If you have a warehouse, it is a no-brainer to install security cameras, but many forget when it comes to our home. With smart security cameras, it’s easy to use, thanks to controls in the connected smartphone. You can look through the camera even while you are away, which is great if someone comes to water your plants and you are worried, so you can check if nothing is happening in your home. 

Conclusion on Smart Home is

These are the accessories you can use as a starting point for building a smart home. Thanks to wireless technologies, we can control most of our homes through smartphones, and for me, that is something I would not change after using these for a long time. 

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