Leadership vs Management

The differences we distinguish between leadership vs management are fundamental. But the goal remains the same – to lead teams to success. A recent study shows that up to 50% of workers quit their jobs because of a bad boss.

Being a good leader is primarily about influencing, inspiring, and mentoring our team members. It is a set of several tasks of a leader, primarily – delegation, development of the potential of individual team members, open communication, and expectations from colleagues.

Have you been promoted to a managerial position, and only now have you realized the breadth of your responsibility? Being a good boss does not guarantee you will be a good leader.

Many specialists enter management positions and then think about the qualities of what a boss should be and what a leader should have. The following describes the five main differences between these roles.

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Leadership vs Management and their differences

The following premise defines the manager vs. leader clash. One of the key differences is that a boss’s authority is considered to be given by his position in the firm’s organizational structure. In contrast, a leader’s authority is a product of the ability to influence others.

The boss is there to ensure that the organization’s rules are followed. Still, the leader encourages others to achieve the set goals.

A good influence on the team is usually achieved by the boss taking care of his team, listening to new ideas and thoughts, and sharing the reasons for his decisions. This is one of the steps that will help bosses get people to follow them not because they have to but because they want to.

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The Manager explains and the Leader inspires

A boss should not just assign a task and leave it in the hands of his employee. The boss usually ensures that the worker understands his job, while the leader supports and guides him. “The biggest difference between a leader and a boss is that a good leader inspires people and makes them excited about their work,” Ch. MacDonald.

Success is in passion. Without the desire to accomplish tasks, workers will not be motivated enough to perform at their best. A good leader should boost by letting his colleagues know the importance of their work.

Managers require discipline, leaders mentor

Co-workers are just as fallible as other people. How good a boss you are, among other things, also tells how well you can cope with employees’ mistakes. There is a big difference in Leadership vs Management in this particular case.

While the typical boss probably uses a system of sugar and whip, known as rewards and punishments, to discourage employees from misbehaving, great leaders understand that employees are far more influenced by encouragement and mentoring.

Managers delegate tasks, leaders delegate authority

The boss focuses on the goals of his department and is precise in achieving those goals. Bosses think in the short term, delegate tasks to their subordinates, and tend to micromanage.

A boss gets results by telling people what to do. A leader is focused on results, which are achieved by involving the team when the team thinks about what to do, what to care about, and whether the given goal is correct.

Managers are above the team, and leaders are part of the team

To be a leader, you must have positive relationships with your employees. Work with their needs and create a culture that supports open communication.

As you get to know your team better, you’ll be able to understand how to explain your vision in a way that connects with each person. This means you can customize the way you motivate people. Good leaders are genuine and loyal.

Conclusion on Management vs Leadership

Whether you see yourself as a manager or a leader, the key to your success is that your people feel that your approach is fair. Set fair and transparent expectations of colleagues and be consistent in your behavior so your people know what to expect from you.

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