It seems like everybody loves SUVs now. So what is the most luxury SUV? And is it worth to switch from your limo to SUV when you prefer to seat not he back seat? Let’s check your options and choose your most luxury SUV.


If someone wanted a most luxury SUV car that could handle all the pitfalls of roads, they had only one choice – the Range Rover. Over time, however, the popularity of SUVs grew, which expanded the range of such cars. And so suddenly the Range Rover is no longer as exclusive as ever. Today, it is not even the most luxurious SUV on the market, this title was won by Bentley Bentayga.

Bentley Bentayga, the most luxury SUV is produced in four different engines, between the most powerful W12 and the weakest V8 Diesel is the difference of a total of 147kW – 197 hp. The difference in the stated consumption is then negligible 7.9l / 100km, and quite unexpectedly in favor of a stronger one. If you like the smell of petrol, you will be happy with the offered motorizations – there are more of them than diesel ones. There are 542, 599 or 626 horses for sale. The strongest of them – W12 reaches a maximum speed of 306km / h and reaches 100 in 3.9 seconds.

In front, you will sit in large seats with the possibility of different heating – in addition to the intensity, you can also choose whether only the seat, backrest or both parts will be heated, while there is no problem with the space above the head or in the elbows. Bentley Bentayaga really is one of the most luxury SUVs.

The rear seats then sit pretty high, the long seat carefully supporting the thighs. The panoramic window usually limits the space above the head, but in Bentayze everything is fine. There is a sufficient reserve in front of the knees, but it should be noted that the space is somewhat limited by additional tables made of wood veneer.



Tesla. This is a concept in itself, a phenomenon of today that has triggered a modern trend in electromobility. Tesla is different, she is herself and her customers love their cars infinitely. Although some have to learn it. What is Tesla’s most luxury SUV with traditional falcon doors? Let’s find out.

Whatever your opinion of electric cars, Tesla can’t be denied style and elegance. Whether you like their design or not, the Model X once again clearly recognizes the typical features of Tesla derived from the Model S sedan, with which, by the way, the Model X shares about a third of the parts. Egg-shaped and typical oval chrome window framing, lights with a characteristic shape and a wide LED strip, or the absence of a radiator grille and typical taillights.

The fastest supersports on the planet can hardly keep up with the Tesla Model X, while you can comfortably take seven people away and you can pull heavy trailers behind it. The performance of the highest version is a brutal 773 horsepower and if you activate the Ludicrous mode, the acceleration is really worth it. Back seats are good but not the best on the market.



This British luxury off-road box became an SUV long before it was “cool” and the market was flooded with SUVs of all sizes and social classes. The Range Rover is simply one of the “founding fathers” and the hallmark of the original SUV still works today. That origin is rooted in the shapes themselves. Apart from the fact that, for example, the side lines of the windows honor the original from the late sixties, the Range Rover has no need to round up and invent curls. The minimalist straight body lines are complemented by a similarly minimalist mask that doesn’t compete in cubic centimeters to offer a larger radiator muzzle. The overall design is clean, fad-free, majestic and old-fashioned elegant.

The large seats are a standard of comfort, and this of course also applies to the rear ones, which are fully adjustable. Although this Range Rover is a classic five-seater, the massive and electrically operated center armrest. This armrest actually slides in and out on its own. The rear three-seater bench can be partitioned and a pair of separate seats can be created. The trunk has 707 liters and it is quite practical is a two-part lid, the lower part of which folds down and you can sit on it.


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