Would you like to know the list of safest countries for travel? The Institute for Economics and Peace has published its regular annual Global Peace Index, which assesses the security situation in 163 countries around the world. Several factors are considered, the most important being: conflicts at home and in the immediate vicinity, the number of murders, the number of terrorist attacks, the number of people imprisoned, the likelihood of internal unrest, the production and distribution of weapons, political stability.

Interestingly, despite global house arrest caused by covid-19 in most countries for much of the year, the overall global security index, according to the agency, fell by 0.34 percent. Which, by the way, is the ninth year-on-year decline in the last twelve years.

Deterioration occurred in 80 countries, while 81 countries improved. The Middle East and North Africa remain the most dangerous areas.

It is still safest in Europe, where 13 of the top 20 safest countries are located and only two European countries are not in the first half of the world rankings. So you can find the safest countries for travel in Europe.

Out of a total of 23 monitored indicators, 8 of them show an improvement compared to the previous year, 12 have deteriorated and 3 have not changed. Improvements include a decline in the total number of homicides, with the number of victims of terrorist attacks at its lowest point in ten years.


  • Iceland
    He has been at the forefront for twelve years: the fewest murders, the fewest prisoners, no terotistic attacks and, of course, no restless neighbors. Such a quiet thermal bath. Unless a troubled volcano wakes up.
  • New Zealand
    He remained in second place despite an infamous attack on the mosque in Christchurch. There is enough peace and the distance is certainly to blame.
  • Portugal
    The Portuguese are different from all the southern European nations at first glance. They act like such Southern introverts. The country is beautiful, sometimes you can see for yourself in our printed editions.
  • Austria
    Our neighbors have always had peace and landscaped gardens. It is realy one of the safest country for travel. Lately, it has been a bit wrong in Vienna, but so far the Austrians have managed it with foresight and confidence.
  • Denmark
    A country that often ranks first in the list of the happiest countries in the world. In fact, it’s not very clear what pushed her to fifth place. An acquaintance who worked there once complained to me that she had to end it because there was such peace and security that it was boring and the basic instincts of life stunted.
  • Canada
    The second largest country in the world with a restless neighbor (the USA can be found in a nice 121st place in this ranking) traditionally maintains peace and balance. She is certainly helped by a lot of intact or little disturbed nature.
  • Singapore
    Super clean city state with rigid order. One of the safest countries for travel. The higher the population density, the higher the price for relative security. Paradise for many, for some interesting for a few days.
  • Czech Republic
    Although we still complain about something, we still have a pretty good time here. At least the GPI thinks so.
  • Japan
    We are talking about human security, not earthquakes. Island states always have the advantage that they face less friction with their neighbors. Then it’s up to them how they organize things. And there are masters in the organization.
  • Switzerland
    We honestly do not understand what is pushing Switzerland to tenth place. Why it is so low in a list of safest countries for travel? There must be some science behind it, because emotionally it doesn’t work out that way.

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