Night people, what benefits they have?

Night people have Positive and Exceptional Benefits, as science has shown. Which group of people do you belong to: the early birds or the night owls?  If you are among the 10-20% of the population who is usually more energized at night, we have some good news for you.

If you’re a night owl, you’re more creative

You may not be able to explain it rationally, but you just notice that you ideas flow when it gets dark, and you feel much more creative than people who went to bed much earlier. Although you work better and more easily at night, during the day you can’t concentrate on new ideas as well as at night when everything is quiet. London scientists have even confirmed that the brains of people who function better at night are actually set up differently, which they called an “evolutionary peculiarity”.

You have more time to think

Of course, everyone who “works” during the day has time to think as well. This is not exclusive for the night people. However, the I Heart Intelligence website states that in the late evening and at night, your space increases, because when others fall asleep and all the hustle and bustle subsides, you are left completely alone. No phone calls, no emails, or unexpected visits disturb you. If you’ve found yourself in this lifestyle, you’ll agree that you always get your best ideas at night.

Night people are well-rested

By the time you get out of bed, the “early birds” are already drinking a second cup of coffee and talking about how productive the morning was. However, scientists have come up with an interesting finding in this area.  If you work until the early hours of the morning and go to bed completely exhausted, your sleep is very deep.  It is even much deeper than the sleep of people who come from work, then engage in some other activity (cooking, watching TV, etc.) in which their minds rest and go to bed only after that. This is the reason why night owls often don’t feel tired even if they did not sleep the recommended 7-8 hours.

You are more relaxed and attentive during work

If you work (and play) at night, you know very well that you are able to focus well. You are relaxed while you work at night and your mind is completely clear and clean, so you can easily avoid any mistakes due to inattention. It has also been proven that you can keep your attention longer than “early birds”. They have even been found to have higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, than in night owls.

All of this goes to show that you night owls have many unique skills and strengths that can benefit you as you work, play, and live your best lives after the sun goes down!

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