Travel by yourself? 5 Reasons why it is better

Consider these scenarios: You have a few weeks of vacation and an itch to travel, but you’re not sure whether to take a trip because you don’t have anyone to go with.  Or maybe you just want to drop out for a few days, but your partner doesn’t have time.  Perhaps you’re simply uncomfortable traveling alone.  Do any (or all) of these situations sound familiar to you?  If so, keep reading and let’s see if I can convince you that traveling solo is sometimes the best choice. 

You are the master of your time if you are traveling alone

When you travel by yourself, you can plan the day strictly according to your wishes and wants. You don’t have to change your plans to satisfy someone else. If you wish to sit on the beach and stare at the sea and sky all afternoon, nothing will stop you.  There’s no stress that someone is waiting for you or missing out on what they want to do. 

You will increase your self-confidence

Traveling solo will force you to interact with your surroundings.  This idea may scare some people but trust me, after you’ve overcome your reluctance once or twice, you won’t have a problem starting a conversation with a stranger. Plus, having to rely on yourself is a big advantage. You will find that, when push comes to shove, you are able to solve any problem yourself. This will boost your confidence, and you will not be afraid of the next trip. 

It’s easier to meet other people

If you travel with a group of friends or your other half, you will usually be satisfied with their companionship and won’t feel much of a need to meet anyone else. The reverse is also true. Curious and friendly strangers will be more likely to speak to you if you are alone, rather than in a group. A great place to meet new people are the shared rooms in a hostel. There you will talk with people with whom you automatically have something in common and a new friendship may be born!

You have 100% control over your finances if you travel by yourself

Do you want to stay in the cheapest hostel and spend all your money on food in renowned restaurants? Or, conversely, do you choose to live on bread and butter and save your money for experiences? When you travel solo, you have thousands of options for handling the contents of your wallet and you don’t have to defend your choices to anyone. 

You will focus more on the surroundings

When you travel in a group, you pay much of your attention to those who are with you. If you do not have anyone like you by your side, you focus on your surroundings.  Without someone talking in your ear, you can take in the language and music of the street; with no one insisting  on countless selfies, you can admire the architecture and nature that surrounds you.  Many solo travelers, therefore, come home with much more intense memories of their travels. 

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